China Faces Cyber Threat from U.S., Not Vice Versa (Global Times, China)


Which side is the real cyber-thief and cyber-bully: the United States or China? With Chinese President Xi on his way to Washington for his first state visit to America since taking office, the state-run Global Times insists that while no evidence of commercial espionage by the Chinese government has ever been presented, American spying on friendly heads of state and untold millions is an inarguable proven fact.




September 22, 2015


People's Republic of China - Huanqiu - Original Article (Chinese)

U.S. President Barack Obama warned on Wednesday that his administration is preparing a series of measures against China over online attacks. Obama distinguished between normal espionage by governments and the theft of commercial data. He said, "This is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but is something that will put significant strains on a bilateral relationship if not resolved [and that we are prepared to take some countervailing actions].


"My hope," Obama added, "is that it gets resolved short of that." Obama's words cater to the populist mood in the country and provide some relief to U.S. companies uncomfortable about their positions competing with Chinese firms, but to hear such words uttered by Obama is disappointing. It seems that Americans always like to exaggerate threats.

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The China-U.S. cyber security issue is mostly hype. Up until now, the United States has presented no evidence of commercial espionage by the Chinese government. One confirmed instance of widespread government espionage however is provided by the U.S. PRISM program, to which leaders of American allies like Germany's Angela Merkel and Japan's Shinzo Abe fell victim.


What right does Washington have to criticize other nations for online misbehavior? That is the question posed by this...

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That Obama need to draw a line between conventional espionage and the theft of commercial data is understandable, as this provides cover for America's infamous intelligence services. When one compares bugging a head of state or a company CEO, which causes more damage? The answer is clear to anyone.


While Obama made the remarks immediately before President Xi's state visit to the U.S., this may not be the central focus. He was speaking at a business roundtable, which is a routine event in American politics. Even though the timing coincided with Xi's visit, Obama was trying to curry favor with the U.S. commercial sector. Like Zhongnanhai, the White House also hopes for a successful Xi visit.


To address the cyber security issue and express China's sincerity in tackling this issue, top China security official Meng Jianzhu recently visited the U.S. [video below] as Xi's envoy [Jianzh  is chief of the Central Public Security Comprehensive Management Commission]. His visit promoted communication among leaders on this issue. The U.S. should share the confidence brought by this communication to its own people.



Some Americans are so arrogant as to attribute China's modernization to its theft of American technology. With this mentality all they can see is China as a spy camp. Today they harbor suspicion toward Chinese-American scientists or even overseas students - which is an insane reaction.


Given high level of accomplishment of U.S. Internet technology and positing the existence of cyber forces, it is China which should be the more concerned about its own cyber security. IPhone cloud technology enables the United States to amass data on Chinese people. President Obama should be clear that he and the White House have a higher degree of information security than anyone else. Instead of shouting populist slogans he should be candid to his people.




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Le Monde Diplomatique, France: Law Will Catch Up With CIA's European 'Accomplices'

La Repubblica, Italy: Italy's Spymasters Arrested for Aiding CIA Kidnappings

Corriere Della Sera, Italy: Ex-Intelligence Chief, CIA Agents Indicted for Kidnapping

Corriere Della Sera, Italy: U.S. Must Fess Up to CIA Kidnapping on Italian Soil

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