William Kern at the International Herald Tribune, 2003.



Hello. My name is William Kern, founder and managing editor of WORLDMEETS.US.


Thank you for taking a moment to read this message.


This is in the form of a call - if you have the skills and a small amount of time - to persuade you to join our historic project to open a new channel of information to the American people and the English-speaking world.


This is not mere hyperbole. Over the past four years, the people of this project have translated thousands of articles about the United States from almost every major language and every major non-English newspaper in the world, giving Americans a glimpse at media never before available.


And we continue to make journalistic history every day. It's a gargantuan undertaking and there is much more to be done.


If you read and write with reasonable fluency in any Romance language, German, Arabic, Farsi or Chinese and have time for one article a week or month, join our mission. Or if you are a trained editor and would like to join this pioneering effort in modern journalism, we could use your help.


We are dedicated to providing Americans with the unvarnished views of the rest of the world and offering the world an avenue for having an impact on the American electorate. We are also working on an online community for forward-looking Americans and people from around the world to meet, debate and to get to know one another, using all the power of the World-Wide Web to overcome the language barrier.


If you have a few hours a week or month, help us open a new media world. As I once said while pursuing this project at its previous domain, help us show What the Rest of the World REALLY Thinks About U.S.


Send me an e-mail and join our mission.




William Kern
Managing Editor