Do Republicans have Bush to thank for

the meteoric rise of Barack Obama?



Le Figaro, France

What Barack Obama Owes George W. Bush


"All of America is rustling over the vanquisher of the Democratic primaries, Senator Barack Obama; All of America is reconciled to burying George W. Bush and his record. ... It's not the smoky haze over Baghdad that has prompted this judgment, but the fetid waters of New Orleans, a city that has been abandoned to its fate."


The Chronicle of Alexandre Adler



Translated By Sandrine Ageorges


May 23, 2008


France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

All of America is rustling over the vanquisher of the Democratic primaries, Senator Barack Obama; All of America is reconciled to burying George W. Bush and his record. Those who do me the honor of reading my commentaries from time to time will immediately understand that my counterintuitive mind leads me of course to the rescue of Bush and an assault on Obama. But here there is a caveat: Bush has also prepared the way for Obama.


The Obama wave has several ramifications. Many Americans, and rightly so, believe that the United States of 2008 needs a real break from the society in which - from the sub-prime crisis to the spectacular deterioration of infrastructure and with that, public policy in general - requires genuine sweeping change. It's not the smoky haze over Baghdad that has prompted this judgment, but the fetid and stagnant waters of New Orleans, a city that has been abandoned to its fate.


In nominating John McCain, the most left-wing Republican candidate since 1948, conservative primary voters were not mistaken. To this, one could add the biblical parable of, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last [Matthew 20:1-16]. Black American elites have astonished the country with their competence, dynamism and courage.


Many Americans believe that by electing a Black president, they will restore the equity they have claimed so long without doing any harm to the authority of the executive. On this point as well, public opinion is perfectly correct. And I count myself among those who would have liked to have seen Colin Powell in the White House already, and perhaps one day, Condi Rice. But the victory of Obama is also due to an extremely dangerous wave of pacifism, which is more isolationist and more protectionist, the true motto of which - America First - was the slogan of Charles Lindbergh and his friends who, arrayed against Roosevelt, refused to enter the Second World War against Hitler .






Many rushed to cut George W. Bush down for evoking the specter of Chamberlain, but one tends to overlook the extremely significant lapses of the American left - real one. Thus the liberal press in New York as well as Los Angeles, celebrated the abominable scribblings of one of its own, Nicholson Baker, who in his book entitled Human Smoke , attacks no less than Winston Churchill who - it seems to him to have been - due to his bellicosity, the real "troublemaker” behind of the war, which led the world to disaster in 1940.


In the past, such lampoons would have been classified in the same category as the opera Springtime for Hitler, which was the centerpiece of the Mel Brooks’ film The Producers. The way having been prepared by the insistent yellow propaganda of Stephen Spielberg - so true to the doctrine of “zero death” - exalted by artsy heebie jeebies worthy of a Mishima  or a Clint Eastwood who extols the bravery of Japanese soldiers in Okinawa and the barbarity of the Marines, unilateral pacifism reigns from Portland, Maine to San Diego. But I cannot exonerate today's neo-conservatives any more than the current president from central responsibility in this reversal of public opinion.






One of two things is undeniable: either America has been at war against Islamist terrorism since September 11, 2001, or it has not. President Bush chose this moment to anesthetize public opinion and treat his fellow citizens like children. Instead of demanding that everyone make sacrifices with a tax increase that Americans would be prepared to accept while also defending public services, came a systemic reduction in taxes. Instead of achieving national unity with an overwhelming majority of Democrats who would have been in favor - along the lines of Roosevelt in 1941 - there was instead a continuation of the partisan and sectarian policies of Cheney and Rumsfeld, which may of course lead to victory for the left-wing Democrats.


Essentially, if Obama now reaches the pinnacle of power, he owes it both to the best of Bush - his anti-racism that has led him to promote remarkable African Americans to the highest offices of State - and of course to the worst of this nevertheless courageous president - his willingness to preserve American socio-economic selfishness, which ultimately could only lead to the very geo-strategic self-centeredness of the very Hollywood Barack Obama.



It's just possible that the good reasons for electing Obama - anti-racism and a return to public policy - are worth running some risks in foreign policy. But let’s imagine John McCain on a ticket with Condoleezza Rice: the game could well be reopened.






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