President Barack Hussein Obama: There are times it seems

that his middle name is only used when he's being attacked.



Iraqi News Agency, Iraq

Why Obama's Middle Name Means Bad News


By Anas Zahid


Translated By James Jacobson


July 15, 2009


Iraq - Iraqi News Agency - Original Article (Arabic)

I don't know why, but whenever America is on the verge of endangering the lives, property, interests or wealth of the Arab and Islamic peoples, the Americanized Arab media suddenly recall the full name of the American president, Barack Hussein Obama?!



Since delivering his speech at Cairo University, which became more famous than the one given by the man of culture Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf [661-714 AD] when he led the nation, people can't seem to stop reminding us that "Pope" Obama carries the name Hussein. Some get all puffed up in front of the TV cameras to analyze the speech of American President Barack "Hussein" Obama. That's fine. Let us concede that his father's name was Hussein. But what if it was Hassan, or Othman, or even Sahbi? And let us agree that it wasn't Biyumi or Hajj Ibrahim or Saidi Abu Al-Abas! How does any of this benefit me? The man himself says that he's proud to be an American - and during the campaign for the Democratic Party nomination and the presidency, he strongly denied rumors that he's Muslim. He even swore on the Bible that he's a Christian, and that although his father was a Muslim, that wasn't his doing.


And of course, as a candidate, Barack Hussein Obama denounced the ethics of some of his associates in the Democratic Party, when he told them to stop fabricating charges that offend the honor of good American citizens who have never had anything to do with Islam (God forbid)!



Poor Hussein Obama. His full name is only mentioned by the Americanized Arab media in times of calamity!  




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