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Muslims' Great Fear: 'Obama Can't Do It'


"Obama will need the magic rod of Moses and divine power of Jesus to breathe life into Palestinian sovereignty.  … Muslims had tears in their eyes when Obama spoke to them from Egypt, but the overriding feeling was: 'Obama doesn't yet know Israel.'"


By Kader Abdolah



Translated By Meta Mertens


June 8, 2009


The Netherlands - de Volkskrant - Original Article (Dutch)

President Obama makes his case in Cairo: One reaction from the Muslim street is that Islamic leaders ought to show the same dedication to their own people as Obama does to Americans.


EGYPTIAN TV: President Obama delivers his long-awaited speech to the Muslim world, June 4, 00:55:45RealVideo

Obama has kept another of his election promises; he went to Egypt to speak to the Muslim world. Thanks to him, America has a new character. His presence in the White House has given easterners a good feeling.


I expected Obama's words of reconciliation to the Muslim world, and especially Iran, to soften Iran's powerbrokers toward America. But just the opposite occurred - their reaction was even tougher than during the Bush Administration.


I've discovered something else: Bush never baffled Muslims. They saw in him the wrong leader and felt that his invasion of Iraq and the crimes of Abu Ghraib legitimated their hatred for him.


When it comes to Obama, Muslims are confused. He went to Egypt and said to the Muslim world: " I carry with me a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: assalaamu alaykum. And he promised a new beginning.



Those words scare people because they were so fresh and strong, but simultaneously dangerous. They almost seemed like forbidden words. Why greetings from Muslims in America? And the rest of the Americans? Hadn’t they greeted Muslims as well?


Obama put himself in a vulnerable position. His speech was a relief for millions of Muslims, but I also heard other sounds: “He can’t do it. Those in America won’t let him. He doesn’t get it.”


As far as I know and have read, I understand the following about the eastern world: Obama is a special man, but he cannot with a simple "Salam Elikum," sweep away the crimes that in recent decades, America has committed in the Middle East. However, there are three things that unite Muslims all over the world: Allah, the Koran and Palestine.


He is a unique person being, but he doesn’t know America and he's in too deep to see it. If you sit too close to a rock, you can no longer see the mountain. Obama hasn't seen America from a distance; so he doesn’t understand this mountain.


In his loving words there is cause for concern. They love Obama - but they're afraid that if he gets too close to the east - he'll get burned.



Obama needs a miracle to make a new beginning with the Muslim world.


In Egypt, the president addressed the Muslim world. It's useful to keep in mind that Muslims from different countries have nothing to do with one another. They hardly know one another.




[Al-Arabiya, United Arab Emirates]


Saudi Arabia, for example, has nothing to do with Iran. In the last eight hundred years, virtually no Saudi Arabian has journeyed to Iran.


Islam in Egypt is completely different than that in Pakistan.


The Islam of Morocco has nothing to do with that of China.


Obama will need the magic rod of Moses and divine power of Jesus to breathe life into Palestinian sovereignty.


Muslims had tears in their eyes when Obama spoke to them from Egypt, but the overriding feeling was: “Obama doesn't yet know Israel”


If he turns up the volume against Israel any further, perhaps they fear that Obama will lose his head


Keep moving, Obama.



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