In spite of major advances in life and the appearance of dozens of children oriented cable channels, the traditional and class

Is Barack Obama a prince who will rescue Muslims?

According to Haytham Abu Khalil of Egypt's Amal Al

Ummah, thinking so is nothing but a delusion.



Amal Al Ummah, Egypt

Prince Obama and His Muslim Cinderella


"Oh our Arab and Muslim Ummah [Nation]! You should not expect a good fairy to get you to the prince. Are not all fairies evil? Will they not all take you to hell? ... Resist ... move ... restore your freedom ... your dignity ... the capabilities of your own country ... then Obama will kneel and ask for your approval."


By Haytham Abu Khalil


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


June 3, 2009


Egypt - Amal Al Ummah - Original Article (Arabic)

A souvenir vendor in Cairo: As Barack Obama prepares for what one might call the Mount Everest of speeches - to the Muslim World - is it possible that people are getting a bit carried away in terms of expectations?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: How People in Middle East view Obama's visit; views from around the region, June 3, 00:03:59RealVideo

Although life has evolved a great deal and dozens of major child-friendly satellite channels have emerged, we still read traditional classics the likes of Kalilag and Damnag and One Thousand and One Nights to our children. And that would include the story of Cinderella - the girl whose mother died when she was a child and whose father remarried an evil and unforgiving woman who abused and humiliated her, turning Cinderella into a servant of her stepsisters.


Cinderella lived under oppression, deprivation and injustice, without the goodness of a father that others enjoyed right in front of her.


What a tragedy … until the good fairy came along and fulfilled her wishes. Cinderella then attends the prince's reception where he falls for her. She has to leave the reception in a rush [at midnight], but the prince keeps looking for her until he finds her thanks to her slipper (it seems that slippers and shoes have some historical life-changing significance in our culture just as they did in the life of Cinderella - and the lives of Muntazar al-Zaidi and George W. Bush!) And we know the rest of that story ...


In fact, after I grew up I found Cinderella to be a lousy role model - she is the victim who has surrendered and does nothing to end the injustice of her life of terror and persecution, and to restore for herself some semblance of dignity - much like Ali Baba did at the expense of the forty thieves [reference to the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.]


The truth is that I was quite shocked by Cinderella because of my work in the field of human rights. Extricating oneself from such a situation depends on the strength, resilience and persistence of the victim. Unfortunately there are many people like Cinderella who have acquired a taste for the role of victim - and seem to have no objection to living and dying, a victim!



I recall the theme of Cinderella very strongly these days, as our nation prepares for the visit of the prince - I refer to U.S. President Barack Obama. Some are betting that during the reception (or his eight hour visit), he will notice all of the oppressed people, his heart will break and he will be liberated from his evil stepmother - and here I refer to the system that rules over him.


I don't know what would attract Prince Obama's attention when the people aren't as beautiful as Cinderella - and there's no good fairy who can magically transform mice into horses and a pumpkin into a carriage, who can turn beans into wheels and a broken carriage into a car capable of carrying them to the ball to enjoy seeing the prince and having their voices heard. [Editor's Note: Fava beans are the average Egyptian's staple food].


Oh Cinderella … May Allah forgive you!


Why didn't you revolt against the injustice and observe civil disobedience inside the house. Your house. Your father's house …


Oh … Oh Cinderella … Why insist on swallowing all that pain because of the claim that you're helpless?


You were the worse example and followed the worst path … which was handed down generation after generation and fed to children like breast milk. Generations grew up dreaming of the prince who would come from across the ocean to pull them out of poverty, oppression and injustice - and even to repair the state of their countries.



Obama speaks at Cairo University on Thursday. In the

ancient seat of Islamic learning and quoting the Quran,

the President called for a 'new beginning between the

United States and Muslims



Do you see the extent of your sins, Cinderella? Idleness has taken hold in the people, and they expect a handful of outsiders to resist, to bring change and even reclaim their own countries for them!


Every citizen is saying, “me first.” As for the country they say, “let it burn - why should I care?” They seem unaware that it is they who will be fuel for the fire.


Oh our Arab and Muslim Ummah [Nation]! You should not expect a good fairy to get you to the prince. Are not all fairies evil? Will they not all take you to hell?


Resist … move … restore your freedom … your dignity … the capabilities of your own country … then Obama will kneel and ask for your approval.



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[Editor's Note: The name of this publication, Amal Al Ummah, means, The Hope of the Nation, and is the official newspaper of the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Wikipedia, the Muslim Brotherhood is a "trans-national Sunni movement and the largest political opposition in many Arab states, particularly Egypt. It is the world's oldest and largest Islamic political group, founded by Egyptian schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928. During parliamentary elections in 2005, Brotherhood members - who must run as independents since their political party was outlawed in the 1950s, won 88 seats in the national legislature (20 percent of the total), to form the largest opposition bloc.]



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