Wooing Muslims: Informed sources report that Egypt

is the place to win the heart of the Muslim world.



Kuwait Times, Kuwait

For an Obama on the Make, Egypt is the Wise Choice


"If Saudi Arabia is the geographic and historic heart of Islam, Egypt is its sensitive and emotional center. Now is a time to flirt. And when you want to flirt with the Muslim world you flirt with Egypt!"


By Meshary Alruwaih


May 14, 2009


Kuwait - The Kuwait Times - Original Article (English)

President Barack Obama: According to columnist Meshary Alruwaih, the battle to woo Muslims has only just begun. But Egypt is the right place start the wooing.


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The competition between major Muslim capitals is over. President Obama has made up his mind and will deliver his speech to the Islamic world in Cairo on June 4. Cairo went up against other Muslim capitals like Riyadh, Jakarta, Istanbul and Ankara. Obama's decision has sparked controversy over the roles and standings of Muslims states, since many interpret it as an answer to the question, "When I want to talk to the Muslim world who should I talk to?"



And when an American president answers this question, it is assumed to be an implicit recognition of the leading role of the country chosen. That was exactly what the competition among Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, and Indonesia was all about.


Every one of those capitals has its pros and cons, but if you ask me, I might lean toward the Saudi Capital of Riyadh. First, because Saudi Arabia is the heart of Islam where the two holiest Islamic sites are located. Secondly, delivering his speech in the capital city of the nation where 15 of the 19 men who carried out the New York attacks would have significant symbolic meaning.


But Egypt has its attractions, too, particularly for someone like Obama who like to insert an emotional dimension into his speeches. If Saudi Arabia is the geographic and historic heart of Islam, Egypt is its sensitive and emotional center. If Obama wants not only to be heard, but liked and perhaps one day loved in the Islamic world, then at this stage, Egypt is the best choice.


Public opinion in Egypt has its own logic and rationale, yet sentiments on the streets of Cairo usually spread quickly to other parts of the Islamic world. At this point, it is these sentiments that Obama is after. The time for fully-formed ideas and actions to improve relations between the U.S. and Muslims is still to come.



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Now is the time for first impressions, time to break the ice, time for shy and friendly eye-contact, for nice words and charming compliments - now is a time to flirt. And when you want to flirt with the Muslim world you flirt with Egypt! I don't for a moment share the view that Obama's choosing Cairo makes Egypt, even implicitly, the leader of the Muslim world. But for a man who's looking for love, Egypt is the most attractive!


































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