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Lebanon and Iran: Obama's Push for Dialogue and Openness Kicks In (L'Orient Le Jour, Lebanon)


"A more realistic and objective perspective of the Persian situation is reflected in the policy of dialogue and openness established by President Barack Obama. In the past often considered of minimal importance, this time our country [Lebanon] has its share of the Obama vision."


Editorial By Issa Goraieb


Translated By Alexandra Griffiths


June 13, 2009


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The cover of Newsweek's Japan edition features the Iranian election - now an ongoing drama gripping the world.


AL-JAZEERA NEWS VIDEO: Iran's opposition fights media censorship - with Twitter, June 17, 00:02:20RealVideo

"Everything you know about Iran is wrong" - that was the front page headline of a major American weekly magazine [Newsweek], offering its readers a more realistic and objective perspective of the Persian situation. This edition, published on the eve of the Iranian presidential election, informs that in fact, the Republic of ayatollahs has no predilection for suicide squads, that it is well disposed to negotiation, and that it could well be satisfied, when all is said and done, with a civilian nuclear program rather than a military one. And although it certainly isn't a democracy, it is also not a monolithic dictatorship, but rather an oligarchy making room for intense debate among the elites in power.


It's unclear whether this new perspective will be enough to turn the uncharismatic President Ahmadinejad into the idol of the American people overnight. What is clear, however, is that this view reflects the policy of dialogue and openness established by President Barack Obama. It was with the same spirit, remember, that on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. mainstream media fell in behind George W. Bush to accuse Saddam Hussein of all the evils in creation.




In the past often considered of minimal importance, this time our country has its share of the Obama vision. Some of the highest-ranking American diplomats have come to Beirut recently to emphatically assert that no normalization between Washington and the Syrian-Iranian axis will result in the abandonment of Lebanon. And just yesterday, the White House's special representative to the Middle East [George Mitchell], who is responsible for reviving peace talks, came to assure Lebanese that no settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict would take place at Lebanon's expense. President Michael Suleiman has quite rightly responded by stressing the vital necessity of having Palestinian refugees settled on its territory to return home - a question that happens to be one of the few to have unanimous support from Lebanese, and which is duly noted in the preamble of the Constitution.



The fact remains that while awaiting the channels for regional talks to be put in place, the Lebanese have more urgent things that need to be done. That is, create a state that isn't a sham and submit to a political system that works - because it is countries stricken by paralysis that are the most easily attacked. In order to do all this, perhaps we should take a fresh look at the world that around us - first and foremost, at the volcanic microcosm within which we live.


[The Telegraph, U.K.]


Lebanese now need to become engaged, without triumphalism or smugness or blind obstinacy or hypocrisy from either side, in an honest interpretation of the election results of June 7. The [pro-Syrian/Iranian] opposition has a responsibility to restore a democratic tradition that, in line with common sense, the parliamentary majority should govern and the opposition should be a check on the activities of the Executive. As for the [pro-Western] majority, it is called upon to address the apparent flaws in its activities and facilitate this rehabilitation as far as possible, without, however, sacrificing its ideals.


Be that as it may, one thing that isn't up for discussion is that a clear majority of citizens have voted in favor of a particular, and even fixed idea, of Lebanon. This idea is that of a country devoted to independence and sovereignty - not foreign alliances - and a country in search of stability and prosperity rather than revolutionary or warlike adventurism. On the threshold of one of the most promising tourism seasons and after several summers that have been systematically spoiled by crises, we would be well advised not to forget this.



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