South Korean 'Puppets' Given 48 Hours to Remove Giant Speakers (Rodong Sinmun, North Korea)


Is the Korean Peninsula 'inching toward the brink of war,' as the Kim Jong-un regime says today? Incensed that South Korea has installed massive loudspeakers on mountains facing the North across the Demilitarized Zone, and after an exchange of fire across the zone, Pyongyang has delivered an ultimatum to the South warning that unless the devices directing news and information at the North are immediately halted within 48 hours, full-scale war will ensue. This is today's report on Thursday's 'emergency meeting' of North Korean military commanders and others headed by boy despot Kim Jong-un.


August 21, 2015


North Korea - Rodong Sinmun – Home Page (English)

The war maniacs of the puppet south Korean military have made another grave provocation in the central western sector of the front [the DMZ] on Thursday afternoon.


They perpetrated reckless actions like firing 36 shells at Korea People's Army civil police posts under the absurd pretext that the KPA fired a single shell at the south side. Six shells struck an area near KPA civil police posts 542 and 543 and the other 15 shells fell near KPA civil police posts 250 and 251.


There were no victims of the shelling provocation. However, such reckless shelling of the DPRK's military posts and its inviolable territory is a serious provocation that can never be pardoned.

North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, apparently frustrated that his troops
are now able to hear broadcasts from the South all too clearly with the
installation of new and more effective loudspeakers on the southern
side of the DMZ, is threatening war unless they are immediately turned
off. Of course, this could have more to do with his weak hold on power,
making it necessary to whip up yet another military confrontation.


The gravity of the situation is that the south Korean puppet military didn't hesitate to make this provocation even before confirming where a shell allegedly fired by the KPA came from and where on its side it fell. Furthermore, they are unaware of whether it was an AA gun shell, a bullet, a rocket or none of the above.


Shortly ago, the puppet war maniacs resumed broadcasting psychological warfare across all sectors of the DMZ under the pretext of a doubtful mine explosion. On Wednesday, they fired shells en masse toward the territory of the DPRK without scientific grounds. All of this is prompted by a desire to provoke on the part of the south Korean military war maniacs.


In view of the prevailing situation, an enlarged emergency meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea was convened Thursday night.


Kim Jong-un Guides Emergency Meeting


Due to continued anti-DPRK political and military provocations by the U.S. imperialists and south Korean puppet forces, the situation in the country is now inching toward the brink of a war.


Anti-DPRK psychological war broadcasting, resumed by the south Korean puppet military gangsters across all sectors of the front [DMZ or Demilitarized Zone] on the pretext of a questionable "mine explosion" said to have occurred on August 4 in the western sector of the front continues day and night. Meanwhile, leaflet-scattering operations against the DPRK, launched by die-hard reactionary organizations, has gone beyond tolerable limits.


Psychological war against the DPRK is in essence an open act of war.


In this regard, the Korean People's Army General Staff, on August 20, delivered an ultimatum to the puppet south Korea Defense Ministry that strong military action would immediately be launched unless anti-DPRK broadcasting halts and all psychological war equipment is removed within 48 hours.


Nevertheless, the gangsters of the south Korean puppet military are again frantically provoking the DPRK with the invented a case of a "shell fired by the north" on the afternoon of August 20, and under that pretext, have fired dozens of shells on the inviolable territory of the DPRK - a reckless military action.


Political and military provocations like these on the part of the south Korean puppet military gangsters are driving the country into a military crisis.


Given the grave situation, an enlarged emergency meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea was convened on the evening of August 20.


The meeting was presided over by Kim Jong-un, first secretary of the WPK, chairman of the WPK Central Military Commission, first chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission and supreme commander of the KPA.


It is a mark of how disreputable the U.S. intelligence services have become that a challenge to their claims by the...

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Present were members of the WPK Central Military Commission, commanding operations officers of the KPA General Staff, commanders of the KPA's frontline combined units, senior officials of the state security and people's security organs, leading officials of the WPK Central Committee and officials in charge of external affairs.


The meeting heard a report of the General Reconnaissance Bureau of the General Staff of the KPA on how the enemies committed the military provocation in central western sectors of the front on the afternoon of Thursday. It examined preparations for launching operations by the frontline combined units of the KPA as of 23:00 on Thursday and discussed plans for political and military counteractions to foil the enemies' moves for war. The meeting also examined and ratified offensive operational plans of the KPA Front Command to launch an unavoidable retaliatory strike and counterattack across the entire length of DMZ.


The Central Military Commission of the WPK also approved a decision of the KPA General Staff to send the puppet south Korean Defense Ministry an ultimatum on 17:00 on Thursday, warning that the KPA would launch a strong military response unless psychological broadcasting toward the north and the dismantling of all means for psychological warfare were dismantled within 48 hours.

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At the meeting, Kim Jong-un issued an order to the Korean People's Army supreme commander that the frontline combined units of the KPA enter a wartime status and are battle ready to launch surprise operations, and that the area along the front be put in a quasi-war status as of 17:00 on Friday.


Commanders were appointed and dispatched to the relevant sectors of the front to command military actions to destroy all means for pursuing psychological warfare unless psychological broadcasting be halted by the enemies within 48 hours.


The meeting discussed measures to put the party, working people's organizations, state security, people's security and judicial and prosecution organs, factories, enterprises, cooperative farms and other units in relevant areas into a quasi-war stance.


It also set forth the duties and tasks of officials in charge of external affairs lay out the truth of the prevailing situation caused by the undisguised and surprise aggression bu the enemy.



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