From one revolutionary to another: Fidel Castro, veteran of the Cuban

Missile Crisis, has some advice for Korea's young dictator Kim Jong-un:

'Don't Do It!'



Fidel Castro on Kim Jong-un's 'Duty to Avoid War' in Korea (Juventud Rebelde, Cuba)


Would Fidel Castro have some pull with North Korea's Kim Jong-un? The former Cuba dictator has a message for North Korea's young 'revolutionary' leader. In this special edition of Reflections of Fidel, a column that Castro stopped writing in June 2012, the Cuban icon reminds his younger charge that he knew his grandfather Kim Il-sung, and that jeopardizing people at the heart of the world's most densely populated region is as 'absurd' as it is unthinkable.


By Fidel Castro


Translated By Miguel Gutierrez


April 6, 2013


Cuba - Juventud Rebelde - Original Article (Spanish)

North Korea dictator Kim Il-sung confers a decoration on Cuban chief Fidel Castro.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: North Korea's warning on diplomats 'largely ignored', April 6, 00:01:45RealVideo

A few days ago, I referred to the great challenges currently confronting humanity. Intelligent life on our planet emerged approximately 200,000 years ago. More recent finding might demonstrate something else.


This is not to confuse the existence of intelligent life with the existence of life, which, in its elemental form, emerged in our solar system millions of years ago.


A virtually infinite number of life forms exist. In the sophisticated work of the world’s most eminent scientists, the idea has already been conceived of reproducing the sounds that followed the Big Bang, the great explosion which took place more than 13.7 billion years ago.


This would be too long an introduction if it wasn't to explain the gravity of an event as incredible and absurd as the situation on the Korean Peninsula, which is part of a geographic area that contains close to five billion of the seven billion people currently inhabiting the planet.


Not since the crisis of October 1962 - 50 years ago, has the world seen such a risk of nuclear war. [the Cuban Missile Crisis].


In the year 1950, a war was unleashed that cost millions of lives [the Korean War]. And it came barely five years after two atomic bombs were exploded over the defenseless cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where in a matter of seconds, hundreds of thousands of people were killed and irradiated.


General Douglas MacArthur wanted to employ atomic weapons against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [North Korea]. Not even Harry Truman would allowed that.


It has been confirmed that the People’s Republic of China lost a million valiant troops in order to prevent the installation of an enemy army on their homeland's border with Korea. For their part, the USSR provided weapons, air support, technical and economic aid.


I had the honor of knowing Kim Il-sung, a notably courageous and revolutionary figure.

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If war breaks out there, the peoples on both ends of the Peninsula will be horribly sacrificed, without benefit to any of them. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was always friendly toward Cuba, as Cuba has always been and will continue to be toward her.


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Now that the country has demonstrated its technical and scientific progress, we remind her of her duty to the countries that have been its great friends, and it would not be right to forget that such a war would greatly affect more than 70 percent of the planet's population.


If such a conflict should break out there, the government of Barack Obama, now in its second mandate, would be buried in a deluge of images that would depict him as the most sinister figure in the history of the United States. The duty of avoiding such a war is also his, and that of the people of the United States.


Fidel Castro Ruiz


April 4, 2013



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