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Netanyahu's Losing Hand (Okaz, Saudi Arabia)


"Israel's massive arsenal has failed to stall a nuclear deal between Washington and Iran. ...  In practical terms, Netanyahu has failed to pursue a policy of opposition to Washington without provoking it, unlike his predecessor Yitzhak Shamir. ... Instead of accusing the United States of abandoning Israel, Netanyahu should be more concerned about how his own actions impact the people of Israel."


By Hafez al-Barghouti



Translated By Lina Barakat-Masroujeh


December 6, 2013


Saudi Arabia - Okaz - Original Article (Arabic)

Secretary of State Kerry with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu: smiles for the cameras; trench warfare behind the scenes.


JEWISH ONE NEWS VIDEO: Netanyahu Meets Kerry: Top US envoy briefs Israeli PM on Iran deal, Middle East peace efforts, Dec. 5, 00:01:14RealVideo

To the rhythm of the Geneva talks, a behind-the-scenes battle has been taking place between the Israeli Government and the American administration, the outward signs of which have been revealed in the form of statements, communications, threats, military operations and settlement activity. Nevertheless, Israel's massive arsenal failed to stall a nuclear deal between Washington and Iran.


As Israeli Communications Minister Gilad Erdan accused John Kerry of working for the Iranians, Netanyahu devoted much of his energies to rallying pro-Israel forces in Congress to undermine any potential accord with Iran - which led President Obama to decline taking his phone calls several times. Netanyahu then launched airstrikes on an abandoned Syrian military outpost near Latakia claiming to have struck missiles headed for Hezbullah, yet Russian-American contacts showed that except for the presence of a few Russian experts, the location was empty. This raised the ire of the Kremlin, which issued a strongly-worded warning to Israel not to repeat the feat. The aim behind the raid was in fact to provoke the Syrian regime so as to reshuffle the cards in the region.


In order to sabotage negotiations with the Palestinians, the Israeli government has escalated settlement building activity, most recently announcing the construction of 20,000 settlement units, which was speedily cancelled after the U.S. issued an ultimatum.


This was certainly not the only response taken by the Obama Administration to Israeli interventions into American politics. It also leaked communications from the former Bush Administration to Congress pertaining to the loss of Israeli military power, Israel’s consequent resort to proxy wars, and its inability to wage a decisive war after its conflict against Lebanon. Following the kidnapping of the two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reportedly told President Bush that the outcome of the battle would be secured within hours, and that the battleground would be the southern suburbs of Beirut.  Israel failed to do so and incurred heavy losses.


Moreover, U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice has summoned leaders of the American Jewish community to harshly criticize Netanyahu. Describing his policy as "irrational," she said criticism of U.S. policies would not be permitted to threaten Americans who have rallied around their president or any accord with Iran. Such an accord, she pointed out that once the details of the agreement are elaborated, it would also enjoy the support of the people of Europe as well as the Gulf States.

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In practical terms, Netanyahu has failed to pursue a policy of opposition to Washington without provoking it, unlike his predecessor Yitzhak Shamir, who opposed negotiations [with the Palestinians] while carrying on with frequent visits to the United States, apparently undisturbed by its administration’s inattention or refusal to meet with him.


The agreement with Iran has become a reality despite Israeli opposition. As Rice pointed out, in addition to its commitment to Israel, the United States has other important interests in the region. Instead of accusing the United States of abandoning Israel, Netanyahu should be more concerned about how his own actions impact the people of Israel.


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