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Iran Nuclear Deal a Stepping Stone to Better Things ... Maybe! (De TIJD, Belgium)


"For years, anything comparable to this would have been impossible - even as the economic blockade slowly suffocated Iran. ... Simple this is not. The past teaches us that Iran is not an easy negotiating partner - and the extent to which the religious regime could eventually come round and give up a majority of its nuclear ambitions is questionable."


By Jean Vanempten



Translated By Marion Pini


November 26, 2013


Belgium - DE TIJD - Original Article (Dutch)

Former Iranian hostage C. Cortlandt Barnes, who spent 444 days in captivity when the Shah of Iran was toppled, calls the nuclear deal with Iran 'a historical mistake.'

RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO: Obama signs Iran deal and gets flak from hawks and Israel, Nov. 24, 00:06:13RealVideo

The agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is a stepping stone to a broader deal. If in six months’ time further steps are taken, the groundwork will have been laid for a truly historic agreement.


But we're not quite there yet. In any event, that an agreement has been reached between Iran and the world powers - the five permanent members of the Security Council and Germany - is a breakthrough in its own right. For years, anything comparable to this would have been impossible - even as the economic blockade slowly suffocated Iran.


The agreement means a temporary shutdown of Iran's nuclear program, with the pause used for the purpose of reaching a final agreement in six months’ time.


Simple this is not. The past teaches us that Iran is not an easy negotiating partner - and the extent to which the religious regime could eventually come round and give up a majority of its nuclear ambitions is questionable. In any case, economic sanctions will be partially reversed, giving some needed oxygen to its feeble economy.


There is tremendous mistrust. That can be seen from Israel's crusty reaction, which outright called the agreement "bad." Also in Saudi Arabia, negotiations are looked on with suspicion. It is the job of the United States to reassure these two faithful allies to prevent a new front from opening in the region.

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Everything now depends on whether in six months, these talks result in broader and more permanent agreement. Then we'll see whether Iran was simply employing diplomatic delaying tactics or not.


An agreement with Iran also opens up the possibility of a breakthrough in the Syria conflict, because Iran is the Assad regime's greatest backer. According to U.S. President Barack Obama, this is a "first" but "necessary step" to having more normalized relations with Iran.


For peace in the region and for security worldwide, it would be good if further steps are followed - steps that would eventually lead to a truly historic agreement. That would be a victory for diplomacy and a positive sign after decades of armed violence in that region.


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