Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

'U.S., Britain, Israel Behind Murder of Nuclear Physicist'


Are Western intelligence services behind the murder of one of Iran's leading nuclear scientists? That is the accusation leveled in this editorial from Iran's state-controlled Kahyan newspaper.




January 13, 2010


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Dr. Massoud Ali Mohammadi: Is he the latest victim of the intelligence war against Iran's nuclear program?


AFP NEWS VIDEO: Raw footage of the aftermath of the attack on Dr. Massoud Ali Mohammadi, Jan. 12, 00:00:29RealVideo

The assassination of Tehran University nuclear physicist Dr. Massoud Ali Mohammadi by terrorist agents of the United States, Britain and Israel is the latest sign of the futile, three-decade-long hostility toward the Iranian nation and its well-deserved independence.



Tuesday's assassination was yet another desperate attempt by Western powers and Zionists to undercut Iranís scientific progress in the field of nuclear technology. Washington officially denied any role in the incident, in which a remote-controlled bomb attached to a motorcycle went off near the professor's home in Tehran. A Los Angeles-based terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the killing.


The monarchist, U.S.-based Iran Royal Association has taken responsibility for the murder. It said in a statement that its "Tondar Commandos" were behind the assassination of Dr. Ali-Mohammadi. The Iran Royal Association is also responsible for the deadly bombing in the southern city of Shiraz in April 2008, in which 13 people were killed and hundreds wounded.


Therefore, based on their persistent threats against Iranís nuclear program and their foolish public support for acts of violence carried out by armed radical groups, all the evidence suggests that the criminal regimes of Israel, the United States and Britain are responsible for the attack.


And letís not forget the fact that for over 30 years, the U.S. Congress has been officially approving an annual budget allocated for unlawful measures by hired guns to threaten and overthrow the Islamic Republic.



Unfortunately, Tuesday's assassination follows the disappearance of another Iranian nuclear scientist. In late May 2009, Shahram Amiri went missing while on pilgrimage to Mecca. He was abducted by the CIA; unconfirmed reports in December said that Amiri had been transferred into U.S. government custody by Saudi authorities.


Both cases are indeed attacks on Iran's human nuclear assets by cowards - as the next best substitute for outright military invasion. The West is also pursuing a relentless public relations campaign against Iran's peaceful nuclear program.††



All this once again indicates that Western governments and their Zionist-run media have learned nothing from their 30-year fiasco of antagonizing the Islamic Republic. Ironically, the opposite is true of Iran: What has remained unchanged is the resolve of the Iranian nation to protect and preserve until the last drop of blood, its revolution and Islamic beliefs.


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In other words, as our proud history stretching back several millennia shows, the faithful people of Iran have defended their country against all aggressors and safeguarded their identity. This has been demonstrated many times, a recent one being the eight-year imposed war during the 1980s.









































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