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America and Firearms: ‘How Many People Have to Die?’ (Liberation, France)


“America now is the industrialized Western country with the largest number of civilian-on-civilian massacres. … It is worth remembering that the ‘right to bear arms’ was granted to militias who fought the British.”


By Fabrice Rousselot



Translated By Katia Mohandi


July 21, 2012


France – Liberation – Original Article (French)

How many people have to die before America begins a serious debate about firearms? After each new killing spree, the same scenario unfolds: There are cries of indignation and then everything returns to stasis.


America now is the industrialized Western country with the largest number of civilian-on-civilian massacres, and yet no politician has the courage to initiate a national discussion in Congress over of the availability of firearms of all kinds on U.S. territory.

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Of course, it is easy to rely on the sacrosanct Second Amendment of the Constitution, which grants “the right to keep and bear arms.” But it’s worth remembering that this “right” was granted to militias who fought the British …



The reality is that across the Atlantic, the NRA (National Rifle Association) is so powerful that it holds most elected Republicans and Democrats in its pocket. The 2002 film by Michael Moore about the Columbine massacre demonstrated this well [watch Bowling for Columbine above].


The result is that the gun debate has been nipped in the bud before it even begins. Yesterday morning, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the only one with the courage to call on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to bring about “better control” over arms sales in the United States.


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