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Colorado: ‘Big Brother’ America Had Best Tend to its Own House (Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates)


“How, with this scale of mindless carnage, can Washington even deign to issue directives to others? … One cannot blame the rest of the world for saying that Big Brother would be better off watching over its own brood and figuring out how its own brand of domestic policies - political, economic, and social - is affecting its collective, disturbed mindset.”




July 21, 2012


Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates – Original Article (English)

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg: His call for gun control in the wake of the Colorado massacre is raising howls in some quarters of America - and applause in others.


INFO WARS, U.S.A.: Radio host Alex Jones asserts that U.S. shooting attacks are 'psy-ops' to take away Second Amendment rights as part of a one-world plan to control the planet, July 20, 00:11:46RealVideo

When unsuspecting moviegoers at the Century Cinemas 16 Theater in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, Colorado, faced a masked gunman, they probably assumed it was just a part of the stuntsmanship Hollywood is so well known for.


After all, it was opening night of The Dark Knight Rises, the newest film in the Batman franchise. It soon became clear that it was instead a horrific tragedy, as the masked gunman opened fire, going on a shooting spree that killed 12 and injured 50. Mass murder by Americans is nothing new. There have been others, like the shootings in Oakland five months ago, the Virginia Tech massacre that saw 32 killed and 21 injured, and like the1999 massacre in suburban Columbine High, in the suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, just 15 miles from Aurora.


It was yet another dark night for Americans. And what has kicked in now, predictably, is a frenzied global debate on the feasibility of the already-controversial Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution - which gives citizens of the world’s largest democracy the right to protect themselves through the possession of firearms. It is a clause that over the years has proven to be entirely counter-intuitive - and with devastating consequences. Shooting incidents like these have been commonplace in a land sold as the best equipped to realize the greatest of dreams. The powerful gun lobby runs America, and all attempt to restrict gun sales always met with its stiffest opposition. The United States experiences more gun-related deaths than any other industrialized nation, with over 32,000 Americans killed each year by gun-related injuries.


But the greatest tragedy now unfolding in this small corner of one of America’s most breathtakingly-beautiful states is that rather than being addressed respectfully as a heart-rending human tragedy, the issue is snowballing into a political one. With U.S. elections right round the corner, the blame game has begun in earnest, and the spin doctors have swung into action.


Social media is filled with criticism how the United States - always intent on politicizing matters on other parts of the world in typical and often unjustified American fashion - has failed to do more to tend to its own house. Reports are that a sense of disgruntlement now prevails in the country, along with attempts by some to trigger a “class war.” How, with this scale of mindless carnage and people taking the law into their own hands, can Washington even deign to issue directives to others?

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One cannot blame the rest of the world for saying that Big Brother would be better off watching over its own brood and figuring out how its own brand of domestic policies - political, economic, and social - is affecting its collective, disturbed mindset.


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