Batman: Tragedy or no, Russia profits are expected to be high.



Batman Shootings Elicit No Fear from Russian Film Executives and Analysts (Izvestia, Russia)


“America is a peculiar country, in which shootings happen in all sorts of places. In our country, movie theaters are the calmest of places to spend time … Video pirates are more of a concern than terrorists for us.”


-- Alexei Ryazantzev, president of Russia film distributor Karo Premiere


By Anna Akhmadieva


Translated By Anastassia Tapsieva


July 20, 2012


Russia - Izvestia - Original Article (Russian)

The turmoil surrounding the shooting at a movie theater during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises promises profits to the film’s Russian distributor.


Early in the morning on Friday, during the premiere of the new Batman film in Aurora, Colorado, a sinister individual opened fire on the audience. People didn’t immediately understand what was happening: the shooting in the theater coincided with those on screen. It is thought that a smoke bomb was set off: witnesses report that the theater was filled with smoke. Twelve are confirmed dead, 39 injured.


The film comes to Russian theaters on July 26. Alexei Ryazantzev, president of Karo Premiere (the film’s distributor in our country) told Izvestia that perhaps the film’s plot served as an impetus of sorts for the shooting. However, he feels certain that similar unfortunate incidents in Russia would be impossible. The film, The Dark Knight, released in 2008, became the highest grossing film adaptation of a comic in U.S. history. In Russia, the film grossed $8.5 million at the box office.


“America is a peculiar country, in which shootings happen in all sorts of places. In our country, movie theaters are the calmest of places to spend time,” said Alexei Ryazantzev. “Video pirates are more of a concern than terrorists for us.”


And Ryazantzev says he won’t use this incident for publicity purposes. Although after the release of The Dark Knight, starring Heath Ledger - posthumously awarded a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the role of the Joker - there were suggestions that the tragic event be used to promote the film.


“Several years ago, when we released Batman with Heath Ledger, who died by that point, we were offered the idea of playing up that theme, but neither we nor the studio played up the macabre for the sake of advertising,” he said.

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Karo Premiere’s president forecasts that the box office for the new Batman film will meet expected projections. The film will be screened in every cinema in Russia.



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Kseniya Leontieva, a leading analyst with Russian film company Nevafilm, is confident that the attention the film is receiving in the press will do nothing to affect the film’s distribution.


“Of course, a lot of people learned of the film because of the tragedy in the United States. So it is now more well-known. And it is possible that the distributors will take some sort of action to commemorate the dead, which will draw even more attention from the press. Perhaps that will impact the box office, although there isn’t always a direct correlation between how well-known a film is and its box office returns,” Leontieva explained.


Roman Korneev, editor in chief of the Internet publication, also believes that the movie may evoke added interest in Russian audiences.


“It may gross more, but not significantly more,” says Korneev. “The film is opening at a time when there are no other major movies in theaters. But the shootings may have a negative effect on the box office in the U.S., even if the film was projected to open to record numbers.”


[Editor's Note: According to the Associated Press, as of July 25, The Dark Knight Rises has taken in $268,276,424, $88 million of which is from foreign markets. It opens in Russia tomorrow.]


Managing partner of independent research company Movie Research, Oleg Ivanov, says that making the decision to see a film is a complex mechanism. “The audience reaction is unpredictable,” Ivanov concludes.


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