Stricter gun laws have not stopped Adam Lanza

Globe & Mail, Canada

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In or Out of America, Gun Laws Cannot Control Sick Minds (Elsevier, The Netherlands)


"The question is whether such tragedies are a result of America's very liberal gun laws. Up to last Friday, four of the five shootings with the largest number of fatalities over the last thirty years and caused by 'lone gunmen' took place outside the United States. ... Sick minds cannot be controlled by laws."


By Robbert de Witt*



Translated By Marion Pini


December 25, 2012


The Netherlands - Elsevier - Original Article (Dutch)

Newtown killer Adam Lanza: Are some mass murderers beyond law and detection - until it is too late?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Sales skyrocket for U.S. gun shops, as new laws are debated, Dec. 19, 00:01:02RealVideo

After every American school massacre, debate flares again: why isn't gun ownership in America more restricted?


In a country that has roughly the same number of weapons as inhabitants, and where half of all households have a Glock, Beretta or other automatic firearm in the kitchen drawer, the presumption is that things are bound to frequently go wrong.


Lone gunmen


The list of mass shootings is a long one, and the pain and incomprehension each time is enormous. Especially when the victims are as young as in Newtown last Friday: children from 6-10 years old.


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But the question is whether such tragedies are a result of America's very liberal gun laws. Up to last Friday, four of the five shootings with the largest number of fatalities over the last thirty years and caused by "lone gunmen" took place outside the United States.

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Utoya, Norway (July 2011): 68 dead


Sang-Nam-do, South Korea (April 1982): 57 dead


Port Arthur, Australia (April 1996): 35 dead


Virginia Tech University, USA: (April 2007): 32 dead


Dunblane, Scotland (March 1996): 17 dead




Stricter gun laws like those in the Netherlands cannot prevent disturbed young men from suddenly emptying their firearms in fury at innocent human beings.


Last year Tristan van der Vlis killed six shoppers at random in a mall in Alphen aan de Rijn, after which he committed suicide.


Under control


Just like James Holmes, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Anders Breivik, Tim Kretschmer, Robert Steinhäuser, Tristan van der Vlis and Matti Juhani Saari, the shooter in Newtown prepared for his attack in detail, and he had no extensive criminal record.


Even the restrictions on gun ownership in the state of Connecticut, which are stricter than in almost any other U.S. state, couldn't prevent the 20-year old from committing this atrocity. Sick minds cannot be controlled by laws.


*Robbert de Witt is chief of Elsevier's editorial board




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