Israelis mourn the loss of sons, mothers, fathers and sisters, after eight

were killed and dozens injured in a bombing of a bus near Bulgaria’s

Burgas Airport. Western intelligence services believe the suicide bomber

was connected to Hezbullah, an Islamist militant group with significant

influence in the Arab world and political influence in Lebanon.



How in the West and East, Mass Murderers are Bred (Elsevier, The Netherlands)


“Whether you believe in the Joker or the expectation that 72 virgins await you in the afterlife - the delusions are similar. Only the men in the background differ.  … In Aurora, a mentally ill man caused a bloodbath; in Bulgaria it was a mentally ill man whose deeds are sanctioned by a particular culture. ... Aurora is therefore the consequence of individual madness, whereas Bulgaria of collective madness.”


By Leon de Winter



Translated By Marion Pini


July 23, 2012


The Netherlands - Elsevier - Original Article (Dutch)

James Holmes: A particular type of killer. Bred by the capacity of people in the individualist West to remain as isolated as they like, his madness was nurtured beyond the gaze of others.


AL-JAZEERA NEWS: The Bulgarian bus attack thought to be planned and carried out by Hezbullah, at Iran's instigation, July 19, 00:07:32RealVideo

A mentally disturbed young man authored a bloodbath in a suburb of Denver last week, and where I shall be staying in a few weeks time (I will be visiting that very suburb). He seems to identify with the Joker, one of the characters in the Batman universe.


Those who can turn off their innate capacity for empathy and sympathy, even with complete strangers, are mentally ill. That applies to this boy, to Breivik, and to the suicide bombers who are destroying innocent lives - not in the name of the Joker, but in the name of the Prophet Mohammed.


‘Lone wolves’


In the West, the perpetrators are called “lone wolves,” - solitary individuals who maintain a quiet madness, keeping everything hidden because their social environment might interfere with their plans. In other cultures, they are organizational tools and the capstones of conspiracies - such as in the recent attack on other innocent victims - young Israelis who were on vacation in Bulgaria.

One madman begets another: Anders Breivik, the self-described Templar

Knight, poses in a video meant to explain his heinous acts of mass death.



That attack received a lot less media attention, although five young people in Israel (population 7 million) have the same meaning as 225 in America (population  315 million).


Good and evil


The enormous attention for the mass killing in Colorado is understandable: it was an attack on a cinema, and it was the opening of a movie masterpiece, which has at its core the struggle between good and evil. I almost wanted to end the preceding sentence with “but”… I will leave it omitted. Twelve lives have been violently cut short, and dozens of moviegoers injured.


On the same day - like every day - hundreds of people died on the streets and roads of America. It happens day after day. Many more people die in American traffic then American wars. That’s a price the public is willing to pay for being able to drive.


But that is not the price for visiting a cinema. That is a place where peace and safety must prevail. The chances of dying in a plane crash are extremely low, but that extremely low probability is higher than suffering a violent death while visiting the cinema. It is pretty much non-existent, despite the disaster in Aurora, Colorado.




It is possible to live in complete isolation and stockpile weapons in secret. This was the case for James Holmes and for Anders Breivik as well. In Western societies one can survive, using abstract forms of government welfare and electronic resources, without meeting anyone in person.


One need not go out and harvest potatoes, pick strawberries, or work in the docks to earn money to provide a livelihood. You get benefits, paid straight into your bank account, and you need have no human bonds to survive.

Posted by Worldmeets.US


We have reduced social controls as much as possible – even rightly - but this has an unpleasant impact on people who, for whatever reason, have become lonely and delusional. We cannot recognize and correct such people. They are intangible, invisible, because they elude our gaze and are able to avoid any form of human contact thanks to the structure of our modern societies.




“Didn’t his family notice anything?” we ask ourselves of these mentally ill people. No. If James avoided direct contact, or even remote contact via Facebook, e-mails or text messages, he could carry on expanding his madness unnoticed. These individuals are the extreme cases who, due to the extreme individualism of our society, have fallen through the cracks of the safety net. There aren’t many, but those that there are inflict immense pain and sorrow when they strike.


They are different from the religious zealot who caused such human devastation in Bulgaria. He was deliberately manipulated by an organized group. Whether you believe in the Joker or the expectation that 72 virgins await you in the afterlife - the delusions are similar. Only the people in the background differ.


A light skinned man with a fake Michigan driver’s license waits for his

bus, before blowing it up, killing eight Israelis and himself. In addition,

dozens were injured. Intelligence services in Israel and the West say

he was likely ‘prepared’ by Hezbullah.


These men call upon an ancient theology that justifies the death for people of other faiths. In an age of cultural relativism, it is not permissible to say that that a theology based on an orthodox reading of sharia and the hadith (stories of the exemplary life of the Prophet) is a form of collective madness, but every now and then it is necessary to say so.




In Aurora, a mentally ill man caused a bloodbath; in Bulgaria it was a mentally ill man whose deeds are sanctioned by a particular culture (Hezbullah seems to be behind the Bulgaria massacre). Aurora is therefore the consequence of individual madness, whereas Bulgaria of collective madness.


A bit “out of context,” I would like to make the following addition: We are living in the safest time humanity has ever known (including human tragedies like those in Rwanda and now in Syria). The chances of dying a violent death are almost incalculably low. This is the case in the United States as well.




The high number of murders in America - 16,000 per year - is primarily a phenomenon among specific ethnic groups, particularly young Blacks. “Black on Black violence” it is called - one of the dramatic consequences of the collapse of traditional family structures within Black communities. 


Right now, 70 percent of all black children are born to unmarried and often unemployed mothers, who have multiple children with different fathers. And the phenomenon is now on the rise among less-educated white Americans.


I will write about this in more detail on my site


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