At an Iranian rally for 'wiping out Israel' in Iran in 2005, female

paramilitary militias parade for the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah

Ali Khamenei, in Tehran, Iran.



Kitabat, Iraq

When Will Iraqis Realize that the Enemy is Iran and Not Israel?


"Israel is keen on the success of the American project in Iraq to extend security, stability, reconstruction and progress. Its goals are identical to those of America ... For a thousand years we have gotten nothing from Iran but war, death, destruction and interference in Iraqi affairs."


By Khadir Taahar


Translated By James Jacobson


September 14, 2008


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

Iran's Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Is he a genuine friend of Iraq, or would Iraqis be better off relying on the U.S. and - horror of horrors, Israel? At least some Iraqis prefer the latter.


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For the most part, the Iraqi political mind remains captive to the poison of demagogical slogans that were chanted in the forties, fifties and sixties by communists, nationalists and Islamists against Western culture and the nation of Israel.


This is not a mind that asks itself why Arabs wasted a golden opportunity to accept the partition of Palestine into two countries in 1948, incurring a headache of Palestinian problems that have reeked havoc and inhibited the progress of the Arab nation.


Unfortunately, Iraqis ignore the basic question that they should ask themselves, which is: “Which is the real enemy of Iraq; Israel or Iran?”


Iran-affiliated parties interfere day and night in Iraqi affairs; it is Iran that supports the al-Qaeda criminals and the militias and that smuggles in remotely detonated devices that kill Iraqis. It is Iran that has control over the government and Parliament in Iraq, steals Iraq’s wealth through its dominance of the economy and which exports inferior merchandise to our country.



Iran is the one that tears through the ranks of Iraqi youth, instigating them into sectarian war.


Meanwhile, Israel is keen on the success of the American project in Iraq to extend security, stability, reconstruction and progress. Its goals are identical to those of America, and anyone who denies that America wants progress and development in Iraq is absolutely a victim of the polluted and demagogical slogans of the hostile mob that we mentioned before.


Iran's President Ahmadinejad and Iraqi President Maliki hold

hands, during a visit by the Iraqi leader to Teheran. Iraqis are

debating who to trust more in terms of alliances: American and

the West or Iran and those who oppose America's invasion.

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According to the logic of politics - which differs from the logic of social relations - there are no enemies or friends, but interests that serve the people. And for the sake of construction, reconstruction and progress, Iraq’s interests in all areas are today with America and Israel and the peoples of the Western countries.  




When one examines the true nature of the Israeli state and the scale of its development and progress, we find that it is a great nation that has achieved very high rates of success in all areas. If Iraqis really want a happy life for their people and strive to learn from previous successful experiences, they urgently need to benefit from the expertise Israelis have shown in building their state and society.


For a thousand years we have gotten nothing from Iran but war, death, destruction and interference in Iraqi affairs; throughout history, Iran has been the number one enemy of the Iraqi people. Since it destroyed the Babylonian culture up to today, it has committed the most atrocious crimes against Iraq.


The Iraqi people must look at things realistically, starting with the need to identify what our true interests are. Today, our interests as Iraqis are not with the oppressive, violent clerics, with the ugly Rule of the Jurisprudent [rule by Islamic clerics ], but with countries that are scientifically, economically and politically advanced, the first of which are America, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, as well as Israel.




Letter to the editor

about Khadir Taahar,

author of this article


Translated By James Jacobson and Nicolas Dagher


December 21, 2007


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

I so admire the writings of Khadir Taahar! This writer raves with such frankness and clarity, and never shies away from shocking the reader with his contrarian beliefs - whether he (the reader) be left-wing, right-wing or independent. For him, all that matters is that the reader be an Iraqi. Why? Because regardless of their religious denominations or particular beliefs, Iraqis are uncomfortable with the international brand known as the “United States of America.”  



To say: “They are uncomfortable” in a polite and civilized way is not to say: “They hate or are resentful,” since I don’t wish to annoy Khadir Taahar - who is more American than the Americans and even more than Bush, Cheney, Rice or Gates. He is more part of the American intelligence apparatus than the men of CIA and more Jewish than the Jews (remember his Kitabat article from April 15th 2007, in which he called for establishing friendly relations with Israel so that it could take part in rebuilding Iraq!)


I like the work of this writer because he isn’t ashamed or embarrassed to express his ideas and political views clearly and honestly and he isn’t afraid of critics of his writings. Nor does he feel the need to respect the feelings of other Iraqis, who take umbrage at his favorite leaders, the Americans, who have inflicted death, destruction and ruin upon them in the service of Israel and her future security, and at their hands of Washington’s creation, the terrorists, who came from abroad at the behest of their [Iraqi] allies and advisers from the former regime.




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