Iraqi leader Nouri Al-Maliki: Allegations have emerged that the

U.S. has been spying on him in the Green Zone. He has warned

that if the report is true, ties with the U.S. could be jeopardized



Kitabat, Iraq

Iraq Would Be a Fool to Refuse America's 'Outstretched Hand'


"In the entire history of the Iraqi people, nothing compares to the opportunity now offered by America's presence on our soil."


By Khadir Taahar


Translated By James Jacobson


September 4, 2008


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

Apart from the minds of those polluted by demagogic, despotic speeches and whose views are so set in stone that they chant absurd slogans against the United States of America - analytical, knowledgeable and realistic people unequivocally agree that America is the most important strategic ally of Iraq, which offers the Iraqi people the greatest of golden opportunities.


In the entire history of the Iraqi people, nothing compares to the opportunity now offered by America's presence on our soil, with all of its scientific, industrial, administrative, political and military strength. What more could the Iraqi people ask than the opportunity afforded by the greatest nation on the face of the earth? The United States of America, with her outstretched hand, is offering to assist Iraq in many areas of development and construction.


Experience demonstrates how the United States has tended to the Arab Gulf states, Japan, Korea and Germany. All of these countries, through the auspices of America, were able to find themselves and recognize the correct path toward development, progress and scientific achievement. In all of these cases, political and social stability has been rebuilt in the best possible way.


Changing of the guard: General David Petraeus (left) and Lt. General

Raymond Odierno: Petraeus, credited with overseeing a reduction in

sectarian violence in Iraq, will hand command of U.S.-led forces in

Iraq to Odierno on Sept. 16.

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He who alleges loyalty to Iraq and has genuine feelings of patriotism, must confront within himself the bitter truth, which is that Iraqi society is unable to govern itself; that during the entire modern history of Iraq, all of its experiments with formal political parties have failed - since none have ever put Iraq's national interest first; nor have they produced an honorable national political elite that makes patriotic political choices and works in the interest of the nation. The governments that have ruled over Iraq have not only failed, but they have squandered the nation's wealth, decimated and murdered its people and enshrined the backwardness of our society.   



Confronted with the fact of the failure of the Iraqi people to govern themselves and in order to find ways to address the chronic weakness that results from the structural flaws inherent in the nature of the Iraqi and eastern personality - there is no cure but American guardianship and care in administering Iraq's affairs, and walking with her down the road to security, progress, development and hope.


For example, note that despite being in possession of billions of dollars, the current Iraqi government has failed the simplest test, which is to provide electricity, fuel and drinking water to its citizens. This is a failure of the most basic of tasks that all governments must fulfill, and reveals the practical incapacity of the Iraqi personality over a long period of time and regardless of the political leanings, whether secular or Muslim.


Patriotism and loyalty to Iraq require us to search for practical solutions that benefit our nation. The delivery of empty, demagogical speeches and the chanting of slogans against America don't serve Iraq. What serves our common effort is the strengthening of Iraq’s relationship with the United States of America, which has liberated the Iraqi people from the oppression of Saddam’s criminal regime. It is this and this alone that will deliver her from ignorance and backwardness.




Letter to the editor

about Khadir Taahar,

author of this article


Translated By James Jacobson and Nicolas Dagher


December 21, 2007


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

I so admire the writings of Khadir Taahar! This writer raves with such frankness and clarity, and never shies away from shocking the reader with his contrarian beliefs - whether he (the reader) be left-wing, right-wing or independent. For him, all that matters is that the reader be an Iraqi. Why? Because regardless of their religious denominations or particular beliefs, Iraqis are uncomfortable with the international brand known as the “United States of America.”  



To say: “They are uncomfortable” in a polite and civilized way is not to say: “They hate or are resentful,” since I don’t wish to annoy Khadir Taahar - who is more American than the Americans and even more than Bush, Cheney, Rice or Gates. He is more part of the American intelligence apparatus than the men of CIA and more Jewish than the Jews (remember his Kitabat article from April 15th 2007, in which he called for establishing friendly relations with Israel so that it could take part in rebuilding Iraq!)


I like the work of this writer because he isn’t ashamed or embarrassed to express his ideas and political views clearly and honestly and he isn’t afraid of critics of his writings. Nor does he feel the need to respect the feelings of other Iraqis, who take umbrage at his favorite leaders, the Americans, who have inflicted death, destruction and ruin upon them in the service of Israel and her future security, and at their hands of Washington’s creation, the terrorists, who came from abroad at the behest of their [Iraqi] allies and advisers from the former regime.




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