Perhaps the most unlikely scene one might imagine: Basketball

bad-boy Dennis Rodman takes in a basketball game with North

Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Perhaps in a bow to the cultural

significance of the day, Rodman 'dressed down' for the event.



Kim Jong-Un and Dennis Rodman 'Sit Together, Talk and Laugh' (Xinhua, People's Republic of China)


It may be the most unlikely pairing in the history of sports or diplomacy. According to this news item from China's state-run Xinhua, witnesses report seeing former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman taking in a basketball game with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. And according to the report, the two communicated jovially without an interpreter.


February 28, 2013


People's Republic of China - Xinhua - Original Article (English)

PYONGYANG: On Thursday, Kim Jong-un, the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, sat with former NBA star Dennis Rodman, and watched a basketball game between players from the U.S. and DPRK, witnesses said.


With 12 players from North Korea and four from the U.S. team The Harlem Globetrotters divided into two teams, the game ended in a 110-110 draw.


Rodman said after the game, "although relations between the two countries are regrettable, I am a friend of Marshal Kim Jong-un and the people of the DPRK."


He reportedly thanked the DPRK for inviting he and the other U.S. players, noting that the game reflected friendship between the two peoples.


During the match, Rodman, who wore dark glasses and a hat, sat to the left of Kim Jong-un. Without translators, the two spoke directly to one another and laughed, witnesses said.


Cheerleaders wearing traditional Korean clothes and miniskirts performed during intermission. After the game, a university from the country presented The Harlem Globetrotters with a banner. College students and citizens of Pyongyang, as well as foreign diplomats and representatives of international organizations, were invited to watch the game.

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Foreign journalists have not been invited to cover the trip by the U.S. delegation, but local media have given timely coverage to the visit, which began Tuesday.



Rodman will depart before other members of the U.S. delegation, who are scheduled to visit the border outpost of Panmunjom before leaving on March 5th.


The Harlem team said that North Korea was their 122nd stop on their current world tour, and that they decided to come after receiving an invitation from the DPRK Sports Ministry one month ago.



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