Lance Armstrong: Perhaps on his way to winning an

unprecedented eighth Tour de France, the American

is raising French hackles as strongly as ever.



Liberation, France

The 'Good Fable' of Lance Armstrong


By Fabrice Rousselot


Translated By Sandrine Ageorges


July 7, 2009


France - Liberation - Original Article (French)

Lance Armstrong, before the start of the first stage of the Tour de France, July 4.


Versus TV: Interview with Lance Armstrong after the Third Stage of the Tour de France, July 7, 00:01:07RealVideo

The Tour de France loves a good tale. One of heroes who climb improbable passes in pain and sweat. What could be more beautiful, therefore, then than the comeback and fanfare surrounding the American prodigal son? The one who has built his reputation on the strength of his calves and his character. Lance Armstrong, of course, of whom it has been said a thousand times that he returns to continue as the spokesman for a battle against cancer that he himself has defeated.



Perhaps this is his most beautiful victory. We would like, of course, for this lovely fable to end there. We would like to stick to this official version, if only for the good of the sport. But then, it has been a long time since the bike began destroying its own myth. How can we talk of Armstrong without dwelling on the heavy suspicions of doping that hang over his head? How can we evoke the Grande Boucle [the Great Loop - a nickname for the Tour de France] without compiling a list of those false champions who, every year, get their spokes caught in tests for illegal substances of all kinds? Who has actually posed the question of the timeliness of Armstrongs return to a race, the image of which is already quite damaged? No one. Simply because the spectacle has taken over the sport. Better a good old American show on the roads of France and Navarre than an anonymous caravan of unknown cyclists in need of a television audience. Not long ago, last February, Lance Armstrong entered the Tour of California. An open competition sponsored by Amgen, a leading producer of EPO [Erythropoietin]. Not the type of story that necessarily contributes to the legend of cycling






































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