Tiger Woods: Is he an unwitting victim of White colonialism?



The Daily Sun, Nigeria

Explaining Tiger Woods' 'Lust for White Women'


"His pathological lust for White women can only be attributed to an inferiority complex tied to his pale skin color, which was induced at childhood. Ö In high school, Tiger avoided the few Black women present, whom he saw as anathema to his dream of becoming an honorary White man."


By Dr. Henry A. Onwubiko*


February 9, 2010


Nigeria - The Daily Sun - Original Article (English)

While Tiger Woods attends a clinic for sex addicts in Mississippi, his former girlfriends have become sought-after TV personalities around the world. Above, Cori Rist makes an appearance on 'Chiambretti night' TV show in Italy.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Golf commentator Peter Alliss talks about the controversy surrounding Tiger Woods, says it won't damage golf, Dec. 16, 00:03:09RealVideo

Marcus Garvey said, "A people without knowledge of their history and culture is like a tree without roots." The works of the great German psychologist Sigmund Freud may offer deeper insight into aberrant forms of human behavior that defy rational and behavioral psychological explanation. When people experience unbridled racism during childhood, despite all of our conscious efforts to negate such experiences, they often affect the choices we make as adults.


The tragedy of colonialism and neo-colonialism not only pertains to the transfer of our natural resources to Europe and the United States, but more importantly, to our patterns of consumption, thought and choices that continue to perpetuate the culture of the dominant colonial power. Not only are these patterns determined from early childhood, but they affect the mindset that conditions our choice of sexual partners.


As with most Africans, Tiger Woods is a victim of a mindset that is programmed by colonialism and neo-colonialism. His U.S. childhood unfolded within a polarized racial world of Black versus White, rich against poor, slave against master, hunted versus hunter. In the same way European colonialism in Africa polarized the African child's world into Black laborer and native against European master-leisure class; and Black devil versus White angel; under America's domestic colonialism, to develop a Black identity is to struggle against racism and be hunted throughout one's life by poverty, crime and unemployment.


Tigerís opportunity in life came through a denial of his African identity and the unconscious mortgaging of his childhood for its colorless antithesis. He embalmed himself with vapid values designed to suffocate and subjugate African liberty. As is the case with many African men, his pathological lust for White women can only be attributed to an inferiority complex tied to his pale skin color. This was induced at childhood by surroundings of unwarranted White privilege, which have continued will beyond the days of Jim Crow [see video below].



This same mono-mania has been retained within the unconscious minds of the African male, who views possession of a White female as a soothing ointment for being subjugated in his homeland by the omnipotent and omnipresent White master.


Why else did the male dominated African press find the Tiger Woods saga so exhilarating, if not because they wished that they, too, were like Tiger Woods, envying his blondes and brunettes? Would it have mattered as much if these White damsels were instead Black women?


At 16 years of age, Tiger attended prestigious Western High School in Anaheim, California. Its predominantly White student body placed him among the few privileged Blacks in their midst. Indeed, Tigerís first girlfriend, sublime and gorgeous blond Dina, dated him for three years, later breaking up with him through a letter she proudly preserved. In Western High School, Tiger avoided the few Black women there, whom he saw as anathema to his dream of becoming an honorary White man. In his dating preparations, he perfected his accent away from the usual Black English of African Americans to dazzle his excited blond and brunette playmates - and with extraordinary success. Lightening his skin with cancer-causing chemicals and stretching his richly-coiled hair, which had once protected his skull from the damaging effects of solar radiation, made him more attractive but alienated him from himself.


Tiger Woods and his first girlfriend, Dina Parr.



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His physical balance and natural posture during childhood foreshadowed his potential to be a great golfer. Yet it was his noticeable inclination to self alienation that attracted his White handlers and won him the chance to transform his potential to make him the first non-White winner of the Masters.


If Tiger wasn't seen as a role-model for Africans to be programmed and deployed for empire building, it's unlikely that such an opportunity would have come for Tiger. Indeed, even he acknowledges that his marriage to blond and beautiful Elin Nordagren, daughter of a Swedish minister of immigration who was introduced to him during a golf outing, "was for publicity only."


The creation and depiction of Tiger Woods as a role model for Africans and their descendants, is a deception of Africa's oppressed and exploited people. It says in effect that individual success under the capitalist system, which for hundreds of years has bred poverty, racism and misery, can be achieved. It promotes the deliberate lie that capitalism can offer equal opportunity to the African. The role of Tiger Woods compliments the projection of Barak Obama as another "successful" Black man, who has presumably defied racism and White supremacy to become president of the United States.



These programmed, projected Black role models from the cesspool of capitalism serve as psychological weapons of deception and anchor millions of oppressed African peoples under the armpit of Western Imperialism. They are projected to delay the needed tide of African liberation and the realization of a united, sovereign, socialist Africa, with an integrated economy and a single currency beyond Western paranoia of Chinese encroachment.


While the sound and fury of Tigerís infidelity broadcast throughout the Western controlled global media was undoubtedly a well-orchestrated ploy to use a little sex to sell Tiger to the supposedly sex-raving African world, the fundamental message of Tiger as the quintessence of capitalist success and equal opportunity remained the same. He was the world's first Masters' winning non-White golfer, an elite sport for men of leisure, free enterprise, charity and wealth. He purchased a $39 million home on prestigious Jupiter Island to join his rich White neighbors such as Gary Player, Grey Norman, and Nick Price. He invested his capital in numerous multinational businesses in the remotest corners of the world, and many such companies, Gillette for example, used him in their radio and television commercials to sell their products, paying Tiger handsomely for his appearances.


Yet Tiger wasn't himself. He was only acting from a script written and stored in his unconscious mind, which was conditioned during childhood. This included his preferential lust for blonds and brunettes. His fall into infidelity as well as his choice of sex partners can only be accounted for by the cultural alienation that he had fallen victim to in childhood due to a racially polarized society.†††



Tiger, then, is no different from many of our chosen African leaders, who are victims of the same cultural alienation experienced during upbringing. This inferiority complex, cultivated from childhood in a society where the devil is painted Black and angels are White. This was given an immediate reinforcement as they relished news of the fallen Tiger Woods, and admired his blond and brunette sex partners.


Although Tiger now seeks psychiatric help and is being treated for compulsive sexual behavior, the ultimate solution is a cultural rebirth. He must, as Amilcar Cabral once proclaimed: "return to the source." This isn't a return to traditional norms and institutions, but an engagement with the people in their struggle, which has emerged from the past. Tiger, like many other people in Africa or the Diaspora, who have been infected with a self-consuming colonial mentality, must take their place in Africaís forward march toward total liberation and homecoming.


No one ever looks at the world with pristine eyes. A people without knowledge of their history and culture not only labor on behalf of the ruling and dominant power at the expense of their own perpetual bondage, but like Tiger Woods, are individually and collectively manipulated to make choices that negate even their own being and becoming.


*Dr. Henry A. Onwubiko is a Senior Fellow at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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