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WikiLeaks Undermines Radical Left; Confirms American Competence


"Barack Obama is a man of the left, perhaps too far on the left, but Julian Assange belongs to a radical species to the left of Obama. … As the leaked documents reveal, the real world is more like Bush's than Obama's, and they discredit the naive and utopian view of the radical left that Assange represents."


By Cristian Campeanu



Translated By Helene Grinsted


December 3, 2010


Romania - Romania Libera - Original Article (Romanian)

Founder, spokesperson and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Life on the Internet will never be the same.  

AL-JAZEERA VIDEO: Frost over the World - Extraditing Assange, Dec. 18, 00:23:29

If Julian Assange intended to strike a blow at American "imperialism" by releasing U.S. diplomatic cables, the results have been exactly the opposite: the American vision of the world is the accurate one, and the view of the radical left has been discredited.


Barack Obama is a man of the left, perhaps too far to the left, but Julian Assange belongs to a radical species to the left of Obama. This is evidenced by his personal crusade against America, regardless of who is occupies the White House. From his perspective, the 250,000 American diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks provide overwhelming evidence of U.S. “duplicity,” of the cynicism of Washington and of other terrible things that the radical left customarily lays at the door of the Great Satan - leaks or no leaks. But what these documents demonstrate is something else entirely.


First of all, the documents are important, but not because they disclose anything new. What makes them significant is that they confirm what the whole world already knows. For example, the entire world knows that Russia is a mafia state led by strongman Vladimir Putin - with Dmitri Medvedev as figurehead. The entire world knows that former Moldova President is a noxious and deeply corrupt character. The whole world knows how impulsive and egocentric Nicolas Sarkozy is. And yes, all the world knows that in 2004, [former Prime Minister] Adrian Nastase's Romania was “a feral nation,” that didn't deserve admission to the European Union, and that the decision to allow Romania and Bulgaria to join was purely political. Subsequent events have shown overwhelmingly that this was the case. The American diplomatic cables only serve to confirm all of these truths.


[According to U.S. diplomatic cables, Vladimir Voronin, the former Moldova president, offered a bribe of almost $10 million to opposition rival Marian Lupu, to keep his defeated communist government in power.]


Secondly, they also confirm that Washington retains the formidable diplomatic reach of a superpower, despite the not infrequent blunders of American foreign policy. Speaking strictly about the democratic West, since Russia and China are another story, U.S. diplomacy seems uniquely capable of collecting quality information from across the globe and organizing it in a meaningful way. In other words, out of these leaks, American diplomats are shown to be a professional body who know how to cultivate relationships with relevant people in the countries that they are stationed, and who can provide Washington policy makers with a precise picture of the situation in their respective countries. That is exactly what embassy staffs should do.


Third, the cables confirm the fact that American foreign policy is exactly what leaders in Washington say it is. In other words, there is neither a planetary-level conspiracy nor a malevolent plot for world domination; no hidden agenda and no inclination to put American foreign policy at the service of Zionism. To the disappointment of conspiracy theorists everywhere, it wasn't Israel who asked Americans to “cut off the head of the Iranian snake,” but King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  



The cosmic irony of WikiLeaks' disclosure is that it highlights the fact that the "real" world obstinately refuses to dispense with the myth propagated by the radical left. The world is by no means a peaceful and friendly place in which united nations might hold hands in a global embrace if only the American imperialist devil didn't transform it into hell with its evil interventions. In fact, the world is a complicated and dangerous place, filled with corrupt and irresponsible leaders; it is a place where conflict is more the rule and peace the exception. It is a place where distinguishing the good guys from the bad, like you can in a third-rate film, often cannot be done - and more seriously, there are very often no good guys at all.


As the leaked documents reveal, the real world is more like Bush's than Obama's, and they discredit the naive and utopian view of the radical left that Assange represents. It's a topsy-turvy world with many problems, where American diplomats, in their capacity as representatives of the sole superpower, try to resolve them. The supreme irony of all this is that the publication of the cables by WikiLeaks hasn't undermined America, but has harmed the capacity and efficiency of American diplomacy to resolve such difficulties. Julian Assange has invented a weapon that the left has used to mortally wound itself - and that has made the world a far more dangerous place. Ironic.




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