A technician examines an X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle after a 224-day

mission in space. What it was doing remains a tightly-held secret.



American Space Crime Must be Stopped! (Rodong Sinmun, North Korea)


Is the United States planning and even instigating a war in space? According to this commentary from North Korea's rigidly state-run Rodong Sinmun, while the United States seeks to 'incriminate' Pyongyang for its 'peaceful' space program, Washington is launching top secret drone spacecraft with the intention of destroying the satellites of other nations and collecting intelligence for a long-planned 'war in space.'




January 4, 2013


North Korea - Rodong Sinmun – Original Article (English)

Some days ago, a small sized drone spacecraft [the X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle] was launched in the U.S. state of Florida. It was the third such launch to have occurred in the United States.


The spacecraft's mission is kept secret. The U.S. Air Force holds that the spacecraft's purpose is research and observation.


However, a foreign news dispatch reported that the spacecraft is loaded with strange equipment for discharging secret duties. What is this secret mission? As for this, CNN radio in America reported there are those of the opinion that the spacecraft is designed to destroy the satellites of other countries and collect emergency reconnaissance data.


This is a matter not to be regarded lightly.


The U.S. imperialists have long planned to militarize space and unleash a space war. It is an open secret that the United States has been overtly and covertly machinating to revive the "Star Wars" project. And it is as clear as day that the U.S. Air Force launched the small-sized drone spacecraft as part of these machinations.

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America's move to militarize space runs diametrically counter to the demands of international law about the peaceful use of space.


The launching of this craft with a military mission is illegal and violates international space law, which calls for the use of space as a way of improving the well-being of humankind. America's behavior is a grave challenge to this aspiration.




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Almost every nation on earth strongly demands that the space powers strictly adhere to international space law and take steps for the demilitarization of space.


Indeed, when it comes to incriminating us [North Korea], America's ruling circles are brazen. While we launched a satellite for peaceful purposes, they are shooting off space weapons helter-skelter in violation of international space law.


Before criticizing others, the United States must at once bring an end its criminal space war project, which is contrary to international law.


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