A North Korean soldier guards the site near a Unha-3 rocket, at the

nation’s Tangachai-ri Space Center. The long-range rocket can be seen

on the launch platform behind him.



‘Unimaginable and Miserable Punishment’ to Follow Interception of DPRK Satellite (Rodong Sinmun, North Korea)


Are the U.S., South Korea, Japan, China and Russia all wrong to oppose Pyongyang’s launch of a satellite atop a rocket capable of delivering a nuclear weapon? According to this commentary from North Korea’s state-run Rodong Sinmun, the U.S., Japan and the ‘group of traitors’ running south Korea had better reconsider plans to intercept the rocket, which is expected to be launched this week, or face an ‘unimaginable’ counterstrike.




April 7, 2012


North Korea - Rodong Sinmun - Original Article (English)

To the great distress of its neighbors, North Korea plans to launch a rocket this week.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: The United States 'condemns' North Korea rocket plan, Aug. 8, 00:02:31RealVideo

On April 5, a spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland issued the following statement:


The puppet forces of south Korea recently bluffed about "intercepting" a Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This is a fresh provocation.


These traitors aligned with the United States are saying that they will track the satellite projectile’s orbit by mobilizing military hardware, including monitoring devices, missiles, and an Aegis destroyer, in order to intercept the satellite to prevent its debris from hitting anything.


The U.S., meanwhile, is busy with an emergency transfer from Hawaii of an ultra-modern maritime radar system called "Sea-based X-band Radar system" for the purpose of tracking and monitoring the satellite and assisting in its interception. Japan is also making reckless remarks about intercepting satellite if and when its propulsion systems fall within the Japanese archipelago.


While talking up the possibility of an "assault and provocation" from someone, the warmongers of south Korea’s puppet military worked out their "plan for striking corresponding targets." And without hesitation, they let loose a spate of balderdash about "striking Pyongyang."


South Korea’s military warmongers, including puppet Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin, openly blustered about how they would strike Pyongyang if Seoul were attacked, claiming that now it is possible to independently "punish" according to the "right to “self-defense." In the past, their position has been to blame regulations under the Armistice Agreement and relations with the "U.N. Command" for having to “restrain themselves” in the face of an attack by the north.


This reckless provocation kicked up by the puppet group of traitors poses the danger of triggering an all-out war and is the last-ditch effort of maniacs bent on persecuting others.


The peaceful launch of the Kwangmyongsong-3 is for the purpose of further developing science and technology. The legitimacy and transparency of the effort will be fully ensured during the entire course of the launch. The world has already been made well-aware of it.


Since mankind launched its first satellite, several decades have passed and thousands of satellites have been put into low-earth orbit. And in all of that time, no one has stoked such reckless confrontation by threatening to intercept a peaceful satellite.


As the saying goes, "The stick is seen only by the crazy dog." Those obsessed by the idea of creating confrontation and hostility toward the DPRK appear to regard the satellite as a nuclear warhead.


But [to make this mistake] and intercept a satellite launched for peaceful purposes is nothing but an act of war, and is bound to entail great catastrophe. The question is, are the provocateurs concerned about the consequences?



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The call for a "strike on Pyongyang" is sheer hysteria on the part of the puppet warmongers. No one should dare encroach on the skies over Pyongyang, the sacred capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Any such person would be gravely mistaken to think they could survive such an offense.


Such an event would trigger the miserable end of the puppet group of traitors and everything else in south Korea.


Nevertheless, the puppet group is kicking off a racket of military provocation under the pretext of "interception" and "attack," asserting that in league with its master, they would not rule out a war. This is a ridiculous bid to prevent the satellite launch and comfort its clan, which fears the power of a DPRK retaliatory strike.


Lurking behind all this are the puppet group’s ulterior motives: to intensify the smear campaign against the DPRK to justify confrontation; calm discontented south Koreans; divert public attention; and gloss over south Korea’s governing crisis, creating a favorable atmosphere for the "general election."

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This vividly shows that as long as such maniacal confrontationists as [South Korean President] Lee Myung-bak are allowed to exist, people in the south will neither be able to lead happy lives nor escape the danger of a war.


The group of traitors should be made well-aware of what policies such as "intercepting" and "striking Pyongyang" would mean. The army and people of North Korea will never forgive the reckless military provocations of the enemies.


Anyone who intrudes on the air or sea territory of North Korea by even an inch, under any pretext, and anyone who intercepts or collects the debris of its satellite, will meet with immediate, resolute and merciless punishment from the DPRK.


Pyongyang will mete out the most unimaginable and miserable of punishments to its rival if it dares fire into the skies above the DPRK - Pyongyang, in particular.


The causes of war must be mercilessly rooted out.


The group of traitors had better bear in mind the grave consequences entailed with its reckless provocations.



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