North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un: Seen here in an undated

photo visiting an air force unit in an undisclosed location, he

seems to be enjoying the job.



Rodong Sinmun, Democratic People's Republic of Korea

'U.S. Warmongers' Foolish to Hope for Change in Pyongyang


It is the big question when it comes to North Korean affairs: Does the accession to power of Kim Jong-un, a young man in his twenties who went to school for a time in the West, present an opportunity for democratic change in Pyongyang? This 'commentary' published by North Korea's state-run Rodong Sinmun seeks to dispel any such notion from the minds of American military commanders.




January 31, 2012


Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Rodong Sinmun - Original Article (English)

Kim Jong-un observes his father's corpse: Does this young man want to create change for the better in his country?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Publisher of book about North Korea says Kim Jong-il's son, Kim Jong-nam, 'is not endangered' after being a source for the book, Feb. 1, 00:03:22WindowsVideo

Not long ago, the U.S. defense secretary, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the commander-in-chief of U.S. Armed Forces in the Pacific noted with "concern" a great "threat of uncertainty," in addition to signs of a fresh opportunity, aka/ a "wind of democracy," in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. They also spoke of vigilance because of the heightened danger of a "worst case scenario."


The United States is tremendously ignorant of its rival. It is foolish for it to hope for any sort of "change" from the DPRK.


But rather than being an expression of their ignorance of DPRK politics, the absurd remarks by America's military bosses are a deliberate provocation. It is an established fact that the U.S. intends at any cost to create a DPRK "threat" in a bid to justify its military moves and achieve its sinister ends.


It is America's unwavering ambition to dominate the world by force of arms. It believes it can take control of the world when and only when it attains supremacy over the Asia Pacific, with a particular emphasis on the DPRK.


By holding military supremacy over the Asia Pacific, the design of the United States is to contain and pressure rival great powers, stifling them with regional collective military action.


Its provocation against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is no more than a mean, shameless trick to shift the blame onto the DPRK and cover up its true nature: a wrecker of regional peace and stability.


The bellicose American forces had better understand reality and stop uttering nonsense.


Warmonger's Remark Under Fire


The forever undisguised military moves of the United States and authorities in south Korea are nothing but adventurous saber rattling. The purpose is to strain the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia to the breaking point, providing a pretext for blaming the DPRK for creating "danger" and building an operational foundation for invasion.


The warmongers in south Korea plan to hold joint landing exercises with the aggressor U.S. imperialist forces in the area of Phohang, also known as Key Resolve/Foal Eagle joint military maneuvers. This is an indication of what they are after.



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It is well-known that said maneuvers are a replica of Team Spirit joint military exercises, which were intended as a mock nuclear war and surprise invasion of the DPRK, using precision strikes and special warfare troops.



The warmongers of the United States and south Korea have decided to mobilize U.S. imperialist forces just in case somebody "starts a regional war." They have signed "a joint plan to cope with a regional war," which sharply raises the danger of an accidental military conflict between north and south, which would lead to an all-out war. And in a bid to escape domestic and global protest and denunciation of their dangerous plans, the militaries of the U.S. and the south have refrained from revealing the above-said plan to the public.


The current situation indicates that war may break out on the Korean Peninsula an any moment. This is due to the reckless war hysteria created by the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors, who are in league with foreign forces.


The revolutionary will of the DPRK to react with merciless retaliation to enemy provocation and thus root out the source of war is unshakable. The DPRK will make certain that they don't disturb peace on this land again.



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