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And the Winner of the Bout Over WikiLeaks is … America


"It's the greatest and least costly public relations campaign ever organized for American diplomats. Julian Assange has been hoisted by his own petard, and if he sought to make American diplomacy look ridiculous, he failed."


By Véronique Saint-Geours



Translated By Emily Jane Tomlinson


December 3, 2010


France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

By a fine irony, Julian Assange, the baleful, tousled Tintin of the tale, has himself become a fugitive in England. America, though vexed again, recovers her composure - positive thinking demands no less - and takes a new tack, seeking to downplay what she at first decried as an international crime. The Daily Beast wonders how WikiLeaks accidentally helps U.S.. Meanwhile, Inspector Columbo, behind the wheel of his Peugeot 403, returns to the scene and begins to hound ... the United States.


[Editor's Note: The wildly popular Adventures of Tintin was a French comic-book series that centered on the adventures of a young Belgian reporter, Tinitin - and his dog Snowy.]


But somehow, the enormous furor created with the revelations by WikiLeaks has run out of steam. From the front page news podium, it seems to have become relegated to the inside pages of the newspapers, to be analyzed by serious connoisseurs. People Magazine has shrugged its shoulders and Gala readers around the globe have turned their noses up at a story which isn't worth the time of day. If only Berlusconi had slowed down long enough for an escapade with the pope, or the French president had rejected his entire world to become a monk and resurrect the basilica on Tiber Island. But no, there's no drama on that scale here.


So what should be done with these revelations, now that they've fulfilled their objective of creating havoc - and are perhaps about to escape completely from their instigator's control. Here's a brief recap:


1 - Julian Assange's objective was clearly to create a worldwide buzz about America's failings and star as the superhero of this almighty mega-mess. From this perspective and from Warhol's, he has far exceeded his 15 minutes of fame. Once his gesture had the desired effect, a global debate began about the true scale, danger and possible exploitation of the event.


2 - With the choice of its five distributors - described by a former French foreign minister as "launderers" of stolen documents - WikiLeaks raised its larceny to a very high level and won the legitimacy that comes along with such a move. Every day, these famed newspapers synthesize, interpret and lend gravitas to the contents of this criminal disclosure.





News, Switzerland: Assange the Latest Fall Guy for Crimes of World's Power Elite

Liberation, France: Who Rules? Hackers, the Press and Our Leaders - in that Order

Tal Cual, Venezuela: If Only Wikileaks Would Expose President Chavez

Berliner Zeitung, Germany: Assault on Assange Betrays U.S. Founding Principles

El Universal, Mexico: WikiLeaks Revelations a Devastating Shock to Mexico

L'Orient Le Jour, Lebanon: WikiLeaks Makes 'Mockery' of 'U.S. Colossus'

Jornal De Negócios, Portugal: More than We Wanted to Know. Or Maybe Not!

DNA, France: The WikiLeaks Disclosures: A Journalist's Ambivalence

Global Times, China: WikiLeaks Poses Greater Risk to West's 'Enemies'

FAZ, Germany: Ahmadinejad's Chief-of-Staff Calls WikiLeaks Cables 'Lies'

Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Saudis Ask: Who Benefitted from WikiLeaks Disclosure?

Guardian, U.K.: Cables Portray Saudi Arabia as a Cash Machine for Terrorists

El País, Spain: Cables Expose Nuance of U.S. Displeasure with Spain Government

El País, Spain: Thanks to WikiLeaks' Disclosure, Classical Diplomacy is Dead

Guardian, U.K.: Saudi Arabia Urges U.S. Attack on Iran

Hurriyet, Turkey: Erdogan Needs 'Anger Management' Over U.S. Cables

Saudi Gazette, Saudi Arabia: WikiLeaks Reveals 'Feeling, Flawed' Human Beings

Frontier Post, Pakistan: WikiLeaks Reveals 'America's Dark Face' to the World

The Nation: WikiLeaks' Release: An Invaluable Exposure of American Hypocrisy

Buenos Aires Herald, Argentina: Without Hypocrisy, Global Ties Would Be Chaos

Kayhan, Iran: WikiLeaks Release a 'U.S. Plot to Sow Discord'

El Universal, Mexico: WikiLeaks and Mexico's Battle Against Drug Trafficking

Toronto Star, Canada: WikiLeaks Dump Reveals Seamy Side of Diplomacy

Guardian, U.K.: WikiLeaks Cables, Day 3: Summary of Today's Key Points

Guardian, U.K.: Leaked Cables Reveal China is 'Ready to Abandon' North Korea

Hurriyet, Turkey: American Cables Prove Turkish Claims on Missile Defense False

The Nation, Pakistan: WikiLeaks: An Invaluable Exposure of American Hypocrisy

Kayhan, Iran: WikiLeaks Revelations a 'U.S. Intelligence Operation': Ahmadinejad

Novosti, Russia: 'Russia Will be Guided by Actions, Not Leaked Secrets'

Guardian, U.K.: Job of Media is Not to Protect Powerful from Embarrassment

ANSA, Italy: WikiLeaks: 'No Wild Parties' Says Berlusconi


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3 - The contents of the dispatches written by diplomats at the Department of State demonstrate professionalism and dedication to a job that is far more serious than many people imagine, and that entails constant concern about the maintenance of peace and security and understanding other nations. See, for example: [cables relating] to U.S. dealings with China over North Korea, or attempts by U.S. Ambassador to France Charles Rivkin to engage French elites to do a better job integrating minorities, not to mention Dominique Strauss-Kahn's damning assessment of Ségolène Royal in 2007 ...


4 - It's the greatest and least costly public relations campaign ever organized for American diplomats. Julian Assange has been hoisted by his own petard, and if he sought to make American diplomacy look ridiculous, he failed. Obama has now realized that it's better to be master of the game than to distribute playing cards around the world - tidy things up and take advantage of the situation. On the front page, then, we have Attorney General Eric Holder calling for legal proceedings, and Hillary back at work, now that she's touched up her blow-dry.   



So who could still benefit from these leaks?


The U.S. could save valuable time in regard to international relations by analyzing the comments made by the countries mentioned.


Everything's on the table now, and the hidden motives of some are on the same plane as those of others. As a result, we're making 200-mile-per-hour progress on many issues.


This exercise in group psychoanalysis should facilitate relations between career diplomats and break down relational taboos.


Why not make this an issue at the next U.N. General Assembly? The theme: Diplomatic communication and truth. Two specific examples in the first instance: Iran and Israel.


There could be an annual directory with the best of WikiLeaks published with the approval of the State Department. The one weak leak in all this: The New York Times would demand White House approval. Perhaps we're already reading WeakyLies...


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