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Political Refugee Assange Deserves His Freedom - and Our Nation's Thanks (La Jornada, Mexico)


“It is deplorable, but indicative of the contemporary world disorder, that Swedish legal officials have been suborned to invent allegations of sex crimes in the context of what has been exposed as a Washington revenge and damage control operation, as well as an attempt to suppress transparency, freedom of expression and the release of information carried out by the Australian and his organization.”




Translated By Gemma Bouchereau


June 20, 2012


Mexico – La Jornada – Original Article (Spanish)

Ecuador President Rafael Correa: The life of Julian Assange, and the global image of his country, hangs in the balance.


teleSUR NEWS VIDEO, VENEZUELA [STATE RUN]: Ecuador President Correa says he is considering granting asylum to Assange, June 22, 00:01:01.RealVideo

The unexpected appearance of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuador Embassy in London, his formal request to the Andean country for political asylum, and Quito’s offer to evaluate the request based on the principles of international law and the country’s political tradition of protecting human rights, has dispelled fears that the Australian journalist would be handed over to Sweden in the next few days. It is in Sweden that he faces charges of alleged sexual harassment and rape, which seem a fait accompli given the refusal of the British Supreme Court to reopen the case last week.


Whatever response the Rafael Correa government gives Assange, the existence of a political refugee in contemporary Europe, the legal fury being directed against him by the authorities of two Old World countries, England and Sweden, and the silence of the Western powers in regard to this situation, demonstrates the hypocrisy and moral and political bankruptcy of governments that repeatedly claim to be champions of freedom, transparency, legality and respect for human rights, but instead act as advocates of authoritarianism, defenders of opacity, partisans of the reactionary use of law and the disregard of individual rights.


It is worth remembering that strictly speaking, there is no criminal charge against Assange, but merely a demand that he present himself as part of an investigation, the true motive of which cannot by hidden: to transport him to Sweden for eventual delivery to the U.S. government, whose spokespeople have made no secret of Washington’s intention of charging him with acts of terrorism. It is deplorable, but indicative of the contemporary world disorder, that Swedish legal officials have been suborned to invent allegations of sex crimes in the context of what has been exposed as a Washington revenge and damage control operation, as well as an attempt to suppress transparency, freedom of expression and the release of information carried out by the Australian and his organization.




The persecution began against the backdrop of global outrage in the face of evidence of war crimes committed by the forces that has invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, the dissemination of State Department documents that revealed all manner of unmentionable practices - conspiracy, incitement of corruption, acts of spying, acts of espionage, attacks on sovereignty, diplomatic hostility toward government critics, the white-washing of dreadful regimes, and a general irritation over the work of WikiLeaks expressed by Washington and the world’s other leading powers.


In this connection, it is worth mentioning that yesterday, while Assange was seeking political asylum at the Ecuador Embassy to avoid being extradited to Swedish territory, representatives of these powers attended the G-20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, where there was confirmation of their inability to come up with proposals for resolving the social and economic devastation that confronts their populations, particularly in European countries.

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Moreover, it is clear that Assange’s application for political asylum constitutes a tricky diplomatic scenario between the governments in London and Stockholm on the one side, and Quito on the other. For the moment, it is to be hoped that the is able to face down the outside pressure that it is undoubtedly being subjected to and honor Assange’s record of dignity, personal sovereignty, respect for human rights, and his willingness to help correct the current world order, and respond favorably to the WikiLeaks founder’s request.


To do this, Ecuador will require the solidarity of honorable governments and societies like ours, which benefitted from the work of Assange and his team, and have obtained by way of their “leaks,” an invaluable tool for public scrutiny and social control of the authorities and world powers, and which have been strengthened in terms of transparency, freedom of expression and the right to information, which are essential elements for the development of democracy and civilization.



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