Do Iraq need a long-term U.S. presence? Some Iraqis think it does

- but they are in the great minority.



Kitabat, Iraq

Security Deal With America is Iraq's 'Opportunity of a Lifetime'


"It is completely ridiculous to hear Iran's proxies, the Shiite parties, talk about the need to preserve Iraqi sovereignty, rant about their nationalist leanings and wear the mask of noble patriotism while implementing Iranian instructions by opposing this agreement!"


By Khadir Taahar


Translated By James Jacobson


June 2, 2008


Kitibat - Iraq - Original Article (Arabic)

Demonstrators in Kufa, 100 miles south of Baghdad, protest against the proposed long-term security agreement with the United States, May 30. The boy holds a sign that says: 'The people have the final word, not the government created by the occupation, even if it costs our blood.'


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As expected, the demagogues have begun shouting hostile ideological slogans without taking a moment to consider the advantages that the United States offers a devastated country like Iraq. These voices of the mob have begun to attack and reject the draft security agreement with America; the minds of the communists, nationalists and Islamists immediately began squealing anti-American slogans, having found a golden opportunity to practice their favorite hobby: attacking America!


In addition, Iran's intelligence agencies have hastened to move their Iraqi operatives and mobilize the Iraqi street against the agreement, to the point of publicizing sham sections of the deal to enrage and intimidate Iraqi public opinion.


It is completely ridiculous to hear Iran's proxies, the Shiite parties, talk about the need to preserve Iraqi sovereignty, rant about their nationalist leanings and wear the mask of noble patriotism while implementing Iranian instructions by opposing this agreement!


If people would just take a brief look at the benefits to Iraqi interests of this Agreement ... they would find many significant advantages. In fact, people would discover that for a nation as shattered as this one, it's a golden chance - the chance of a lifetime. This is the greatest opportunity since the founding of the contemporary Iraqi State in 1921. Since that time, Iraqis have been badly led and have failed to properly exploit the nation's resources. Iraqis have proven themselves a self-destructive people who steal the nation's wealth, and don’t know how to live in peace or intelligently invest their money ... Therefore, the people of this tragic nation need American guardianship to protect them first from self-destruction, and second from the ambitions of neighboring countries.


'Armadillojad (Iranium Uranium): Nasty, brutish and short, it is

armed to the teeth. Its aggressive impulses create an almighty

stink. There are no homosexual armadillojads.' [The Times, U.K.]


The most terrible thing about Iraq's political intelligentsia is that they lack the capacity to make a practical, realistic assessment of the nation's needs. It's unfortunate that the Iraqi mind, as is well-known, is filled with superstition, ideology and demagoguery - all of it repulsive, foul and hostile ... What can one expect from a political mentality that crafted a Constitution characterized by sectarian quotas and nationalist divisiveness? This is what happens when Iraq is treated like a trading company in which one is considered smart for grabbing the biggest share possible as if the nation's patrimony were spoils of war ... This is what mutilated minds consider acting in the best interests of Iraq!


The bottom line is that if we look at this from the point of view of Iraqi interests and set aside hostile anti-American slogans - and Iran’s incitement against this Agreement - Iraq would be the side that benefits the most.


America is the greatest country on the face of the earth, and Iraq could benefit from her scientifically, technologically, economically, culturally and politically … There are many examples in the world of countries which have obtained tremendous benefits by agreeing to similar agreements, such as Japan, Korea and Germany, as well as the Arab Gulf states, which, thanks to their relationships with America enjoy stability, security and economic prosperity.




Letter to the editor

about Khadir Taahar,

author of this article


Translated By James Jacobson and Nicolas Dagher


December 21, 2007


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

I so admire the writings of Khadir Taahar! This writer raves with such frankness and clarity, and never shies away from shocking the reader with his contrarian beliefs - whether he (the reader) be left-wing, right-wing or independent. For him, all that matters is that the reader be an Iraqi. Why? Because regardless of their religious denominations or particular beliefs, Iraqis are uncomfortable with the international brand known as the “United States of America.”


To say: “They are uncomfortable” in a polite and civilized way is not to say: “They hate or are resentful,” since I don’t wish to annoy Khadir Taahar - who is more American than the Americans and even more than Bush, Cheney, Rice or Gates. He is more part of the American intelligence apparatus than the men of CIA and more Jewish than the Jews (remember his Kitabat article from April 15th 2007, in which he called for establishing friendly relations with Israel so that it could take part in rebuilding Iraq!)


I like the work of this writer because he isn’t ashamed or embarrassed to express his ideas and political views clearly and honestly and he isn’t afraid of critics of his writings. Nor does he feel the need to respect the feelings of other Iraqis, who take umbrage at his favorite leaders, the Americans, who have inflicted death, destruction and ruin upon them in the service of Israel and her future security, and at their hands of Washington’s creation, the terrorists, who came from abroad at the behest of their [Iraqi] allies and advisers from the former regime.




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