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Obama's Trip: 'How they Laughed in Moscow'


Has President Obama's visit to Russia been, 'one of the most embarrassing moments in American diplomatic history'? That's the message of this sarcastic article by Kian Mokhtari of the Islamic Republic's conservative, state-controlled Kayhan newspaper.


By Kian Mokhtari


Islamic Republic of Iran- Kayhan - Home Page (English)

The sole outcome of the U.S. President Barack Obama’s two-day visit to Russia has been an agreement to keep talking.


The trip, hyped by the Western press as an attempt to rebuild strained ties and convince Russia that U.S. missile shield plans in Poland and the Czech Republic aren't really to monitor Russian military activities and movements, ended with a symbolic preliminary agreement to cut their nuclear warheads to 1,500.


Meanwhile, most Russians tuned into a football match rerun on the main state channel, while Obama’s charm offensive was relegated to second division on another - lesser- television channel.


Was this just a coincidence? We believe not!


In any language, allocating prime airtime to a controversial football match rather than the President of the United States could only mean one thing.


Undaunted and most likely unaware of this small Russian hint at their current priorities, Obama said, “I believe that on the fundamental issues that will shape this century, Americans and Russians share common interests that form a basis for cooperation.”


How embarrassing!



There was the U.S. President banging on about urging nations with missile potential, to refrain from steps that could lead to their proliferation, while Putin probably kicked back, tuned into a football match and shouted something like, "no way was that a foul; that referee would make a better farmer!"


In Russia, the sports channel and the channel carrying Obama’s speech are both part of the central state TV company.



President Barack Hussein Obama - poor soul - was breaking into a sweat using every opportunity to reshape U.S. relations with an evidently skeptical Russia, while Russian TV coverage clearly showed that the Kremlin has no time for political waffling from the English-speaking world.


Obama declared, "Let me be clear: America wants a strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia.”

Now if that's not a noble goal, we have no idea what is!


Very politely, Russia has been hinting to the English-speaking world that the days in which they imposed mastery have ebbed since the world went multi-polar, with former President Bush neck-deep in the slime of his own creating in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Talk to any bond dealer in the world and ask whether they're prepared to buy the U.S. treasuries and notes at face value. 



The days of paper dollars are quickly ending, because the U.S. currency is nothing but pretty bills propped up by nuclear weapons and brute force. Nothing about its currency is attractive because it's backed only by debt. And any debt is bad debt; there are no good and bad debts any longer.


Credit sucks, but someone has forgotten to tell Obama; so he keeps talking as though someone in the world is foolish enough to listen to a so-called superpower with nearly €8 trillion in immediate debt that the U.S. cannot repay without amassing even more.


Debt can't be a logical reserve for any currency - just ask any bank manager.


Little wonder Obama’s visit wasn't widely televised in Russia. It was carried live on 24-hour news channel Vesti, but none of the main, more widely watched Russian TV channels like First Channel, Rossiya, or NTV. And it was broadcast with translation only on Vesti's sister radio station, but not on the other main state broadcasters, Radio Rossiya or Radio Mayak.


Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to Russia will go down as perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments in American diplomatic history.


Obama’s “genius” secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, is obviously not up to the job of maintaining her president’s dignity during sensitive moments like this. Throughout the international community, there is a general consensus for a move away from the West and English-speaking world in particular, which seems to have been lost on Brown, Merkel, Sarkozy and Obama.



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