Hugo Chavez meets Pope Benedict in Vatican City, 2006. Did Chavez

have something to teach the world about spirituality and politics?



Hugo Chavez Brought 'Era of the Wealth-Centric' to an End (Juventud Rebelde, Cuba)


Do the current 'owners of the world' fundamentally misunderstand Hugo Chavez and the Latin American left? According to columnist Ricardo Ronquillo Bello of Cuba's state-controlled Juventud Rebelde, thanks to people like Chavez, Bolivian President Evo Morales, Fidel Castro and others, 'the Eurocentric or wealth-centric era is over' and 'the genie has escaped the lamp, and if that weren't enough, the genie has gone marvelously over to the side of the eternally forgotten and humiliated.'


By Ricardo Ronquillo Bello



Translated By Molly Catherine Smith


March 14, 2013


Cuba - Juventud Rebelde - Original Article (Spanish)

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comforts the mother of Hugo Chavez, Elena Frias, alongside the flag-draped coffin of her son, Mar. 8. Ahmadinejad came under fire from Iran clerics, not only for publicly showing such affection toward a female, but for saying Chavez would be resurrected with Christ and the Mahdi.


RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO: Like Lenin, Hugo Chavez to be embalmed and put on eternal display, March 8, 00:04:51RealVideo

He was called a messiah by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and although the instrument that brought Hugo Chavez to his "cross" remains to be duly clarified, according to Bolivian authorities, what's certain is that their leader, along with his counterparts in the renewed continental left, has founded a new spirituality for politics in their countries and the world. And more importantly, for 21st century socialism.


Venezuela Minister of Energy and Petroleum Rafael Ramirez, in the midst of these days of mourning, told the press that Chavez had practiced and encouraged a new ethic - an extraordinary new way of doing politics.


That the Iranian government - in a highly ecumenical gesture from a spiritual point of view - declared national mourning over the passing of Chavez, making him the first non-Muslim to be remembered in this way since the 1979 founding of the Islamic Republic - is an expression of the influence and universal appeal of the Bolivian dignitary's political practices.


Ahmadinejad, who went to Caracas to honor Chavez  shaken - described him as a "martyr" who will someday return to this world accompanied by Christ and the Mahdi, the Shiite redeemer. Iran's Shiite Muslims believe that the promised Mahdi will return to save the world accompanied by 313 individuals, whose "pure devotion" make them the holiest of the holy.


In the face of such an outpouring of grief on the part of the Venezuelan people and others of the region - one must ask whether Chavez, a man of faith and stirring spiritual sensibilities, hadn't already reincarnated among the grief-stricken multitudes accompanying him to his eternal resting place, and to give shape to the foreshadowing that reached a climax during his last presidential campaign in the motto: "We are all Chavez."


One question then jumps out: What happened within the planetary news consortia that resulted in the construction and presentation of an inverse image: converting the images of a resurrected Latin America to an absurdity; and its leaders into the incarnation of dark angels?


Even these days of upheaval haven't stopped the rage - a rage that had its origin long ago. One recalls feeling joyful merriment over the supposed existence of an axis of evil: Havana-Caracas; Caracas-Tehran; and Venezuela-Cuba, which were said to be regional "destabilizers," and about authoritarian dictatorships that support the election campaigns of "dictators on the left," so that other enemies of democratic institutions and free expression could come to power.


On flat screens and the pages of the great planetary media consortia, new data was never permitted to interfere with their depiction of an "evil genius," a "well-heeled oilman," a "coca leader," a "populist," or a "statist commander."


These powerful media often focus on "extravagance" and turn gestures profound in their authenticity, simplicity and scope into advantageous fads, like when Bolivian President Evo Morales wears the typical clothing of his ancestors or other simple attire, while rubbing elbows with luminaries of the suit and tie world.


Perhaps they don’t understand that the way we dress is an expression of something very deep. Evo Morales is saying, with this simple detail, that the Eurocentric or wealth-centric era is over, during which everything had to be validated from the vantage point of the towering metropolis, resulting in the Columbus-inspired vision of America as one of "wild Indians."


In 2006, as Chavez spoke to thousands of Cuban youth and young people from other nations after receiving the UNESCO's International Jose Marti Prize, it occurred to me that perhaps from that day on, the global aristocracy would also try to sell the moon.




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It wasn't strange that such nonsense would occur to the new merchants of the temple, when for a moment, Chavez interrupted his touching speech to "decipher" the messages of our sweet and poetic planetary neighbor.


Those who still own the world have difficulty understanding the symbolism of this interruption, while any loving mortal would see in it the longing of a sensitive man looking in the universe for signs of infinite justice and peace, and who is furthermore willing to fight to achieve them.

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At root of all these empty boasts and distortions, the motive is none other than impotence. It is clear that the genie has escaped the lamp, and if that weren't enough, the genie has gone marvelously over to the side of the eternally forgotten and humiliated.


The new left, the new socialists as Chavez himself called them, born out of the dust of the Berlin Wall, express a genuine genius and sensitivity, quite distant from the orthodoxy, conceit, and petulance that condemned the so-called model of "ideal socialism" to death.


Translated into the language of the mainland, as I have said here, Chevez left the stage of history with the United States having to deal with the "dangerous madman of the south," which, as Chavez liked to remind us, is the way the liberator Simon Bolivar was contemptuously classified.


All signs point toward - and Venezuelans have emphasized with their grieving multitudes and civic talent - that in the lyrics of a Creole song: This America has uncorked a "pile of crazies." The region is turning into something like a "huge insane asylum" that the straight-jackets will never again be able to control.



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