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For Americans and Cubans, an End to 'Phantasmagoria' (Folha, Brazil)


"The contacts at the highest level between U.S. and Cuba authorities (including their respective presidents) will bring an end to Cuba as a ghost comprised of a few facts and lots of mythology. … My first trip to Cuba was in 1977 when Brazilians were prohibited from traveling to the island. … It was clear to me that there was a profound mutual ignorance between Cuba and the outside world that served to feed the mutual phantasmagoria. … The Americans will now make a similar discovery."


By Clóvis Rossi*



Translated By Brandi Miller


April 15, 2015


Brazil – Folha – Original Article (Portuguese)

New York Times cartoonist Patrick Chappatte perfectly encapsulated the new situation between Cuba and the United States since the 7th Summit of the Americas.


In his drawing [top of the page], Obama, hand on Raúl Castro's shoulder, says: "Cuba will be removed from our terrorism list." In the following balloon, the president continues: "And put on our tourism list."


Bingo. The contacts at the highest level between U.S. and Cuba authorities (including the respective presidents) will bring an end to Cuba as a ghost comprised of a few facts and lots of mythology.


I will tell you a tale drawn from personal experience. My first trip to Cuba was in 1977 when Brazilians were prohibited from traveling to the island.


[Editor's Note: These were the waning years of Brazil's military dictatorship, which began in 1964. Ties with the United States were quite strong, and the John F. Kennedy Administration strongly backed the 1964 "anti-communist" coup that brought the generals to power. Of chief concern to the White House: growing Cuban and Soviet influence].


I had to take a crazy route: go to Paris to get the entry visa to Cuba; from Paris to Madrid to catch an Iberia flight (with layover) down to Havana.


I had read the book The Island by journalist Fernando Morais which praised the regime, a rare Brazilian publication about Cuba.


The book said that Cubans, full of revolutionary ardor, didn't accept gratuities - a thing of decadent capitalism. I believed it, and when the "boy" (actually not really a boy) put my bags in the hotel room, and I awaited his departure. He waited for me to give him the tip the book said Cubans wouldn't accept. He won the waiting game and took the tip - Revolutionary pride was not so widespread.


Upon my return to Brazil, as I learned long thereafter, the coronels of the-then 2nd Army wanted to arrest me at the airport, even if the journey wasn't illegal.


On the contrary, I had sent five texts into Estadão, for which was then employed, two of them published and duly signed "Special Envoy to Cuba" (the other three disappeared during transmission from Havana to São Paulo).


The head of the colonels, General Dilermando Gomes Monteiro, prevented my arrest, telling his subordinates that he preferred to invite me to talk to him (and them) at the Ibirapuera Headquarters.


The invitation did indeed come. The general and I sat on the sofa and behind us, a group of coronels wore frowns.


Dilermando asked: "So, how is the island?" I responded: "General, for such a people it can be very good, but for us, the bourgeois, it is shit. One must stand on line for everything."



This relaxed the tense atmosphere a bit because it was clear that the general didn't want to conduct an ideological interrogation about the "enemy." He just wanted to satisfy his curiosity about the prohibited "ghost."

Posted By Worldmeets.US


There was also curiosity from the other side. During my stay on the island, the Brazilian government announced the so-called "April package" of restrictive measures to prevent the opposition from achieving an election breakthrough.


The next day, a member of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee appeared at my hotel with the same curiosity about Brazil that General Dilermando had about Cuba.


It was clear to me that there was a profound ignorance on both sides that served to feed the mutual phantasmagoria.


The Americans will make a similar discovery now.

Clovis Rossi is a special correspondent and member of the Folha editorial board, is a winner of the Maria Moors Cabot award (USA) and is a member of the Foundation for a New Ibero-American Journalism. His column appears on Thursdays and Sundays on page 2 and on Saturdays in the World Notebook section. He is the author, among other works, of Special Envoy: 25 Years Around the World and What is Journalism?






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