Algerians root for their team - and for Palestinians in Gaza.



Echorouk al-Yawm, Algeria

Algeria's Elimination of U.S. and England to Be a 'Love Letter' for Gaza


"The moment people see the flag of Palestine flying over South Africa during matches featuring Algeria, they will understand the elimination of the two countries most historically supportive of Israel as perhaps the most fervent love letter ever written to the people of Gaza."


By Abdul Nasser


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


June 19, 2010


Algeria - Echorouk al-Yawm - Original Article (Arabic)

Politics and sport: Algerians are very proud of their national team, in part for the political statements its victories represent. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, eliminating England and America will be seen also as a victory for Palestinians in Gaza.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Unhappy England fans bemoan performance of their team, 00:01:53, June 19RealVideo

Many around the world didn't understand why Algerians were so overjoyed by the performance of their heroic team against England, nor will they understand why they'll cheer even louder if it wins against the United States, qualifying at the expense of two of the greatest powers in the world.


The moment people see the flag of Palestine flying over South Africa during matches featuring Algeria, they will understand the elimination of the two countries most historically supportive of Israel - from the Balfour Promise to Camp David - as perhaps the most fervent love letter ever written to the people of Gaza. It will be an effort on the behalf of the many people in the world who are working to remove Israel's blockade, even as Great Britain and the United States work to prevent an end to the siege.


[Editor's Note: In the Arab world, the document called the Balfour Declaration is known as the 'Balfour Promise'. The document stated the British government's position in favor of a "national home for the Jewish people in Palestine."]


In all sports, but particularly in football, it is said that you win some and you lose some. Many games in football history have been forgotten, and others have been definitively buried, but the type and conditions surrounding particular confrontations are what make them historic.


Algerians will never forget what their team achieved in 1975 by defeating France in a playoff. While it was an event that meant little to most people, since it was part of the Mediterranean Games and is unheard of in three quarters of the world, it became etched in the memory of Algerians because it was achieved just 13 years after independence from France.


That is also why Algerians will never forget it if they manage to qualify for the second round of the World Cup at the expense of Great Britain and the United States, especially as it will come at the same time as part of the blockade imposed on Gaza has been lifted.


For those who say that simply raising the Palestinian flag on the football pitch is to thrust politics into the world of sports, I say that it is they who have always been the first to politicize sports - and it is they who have always tried to say through sports what they couldn't say politically. For example, no one is convinced that the athletes on the stumbling French team were chosen free of racism. Everyone considers these to be racially and politically motivated decisions disconnected from the world of football.



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Algerian supplies entering Gaza is certainly not a military victory because it won't see the land returned, won't expel the enemy, nor break his will. An Algerian defeat of the British and Americans won't bring back the Golan or Jerusalem, but the accumulation of moral victories always produces great strides. The German and Japanese superpowers are a good example. The accumulations of small victories [since WWII] in many fields are what made their greatest glories possible. Algeria, which has won a humanitarian victory in Gaza over Israel, may win in the field of sports over England and the United States of America. If that can be accomplished, it won’t be too hard to achieve victories over nations in other areas, since small triumphs will breed greater victories. 



Overcoming England and the United States in the football World Cup will be tempered by the ills of Gaza and the painful history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which was mostly British, but since we don't want blame the English alone, was planned and executed by both Britain and America since the Balfour Promise … It is now for them to await the enemies of the Balfour Promise to execute their own promises.


[Editor's Note: The match between Algeria and the United States will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 23, at 9:30am EST. Algeria played England to a 0-0 draw in their match on Friday. Number Crunching the World Cup].



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