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Le Quotidien d’Oran, Algeria

Impunity in Gaza: Israel's State Accomplices Court Disaster


"The policy of double standards that always favor the Hebrew State has turned the Middle East into the world's powder keg and has precipitated the humanitarian tragedy suffered by the Palestinian people. Unless a radical change in policy is adopted, the only outcome will be an explosion, the price of which even their countries will incur."


By Kharroubi Habib


Translated By Sandrine Ageorges


June 3, 2010


Algeria - Le Quotidien d'Oran - Original Article (French)

In 2009, Israel was guilty of having inflicted collective punishment on the population of Gaza in the form of a barbaric military aggression that resulted in 1500 civilian deaths, mostly old people, women and children. It is guilty of having imposed a blockade on Gaza that prevents its reconstruction and reduces it population to having to survive in subhuman conditions. It is guilty of having committed a bloody act of international piracy to stop the humanitarian flotilla attempting to break the blockage and deliver basic necessities to the Gaza population, which has been starved and deprived of everything. It is guilty, first and foremost, because it is responsible for ordering and carrying out these criminal operations.


There are, however, culprits other that the State of Israel. These include all states of the international community that at one time or another have approved Israeli actions or hypocritically shut their eyes to them.


It's unclear whether, if these states had strongly opposed its bellicose policies, Israel would have felt as free to act as it did. They have thus encouraged such behavior, because it convinced the Zionist state that through this aggression and blockade, it could achieve its goal: compelling the Gaza population to revolt against Hamas control. This didn't happen, despite the terrible humanitarian situation endured by its people. Therefore, there is hypocrisy and cynicism in the indignant reactions of certain states toward the latest “exploits” of the Zionist soldiery.    



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This change in attitude doesn’t exonerate them of complicity or comprehension of what Israel's intentions are. They are and remain doubly guilty of having closed their eyes to the war crimes and inhumanities repeatedly committed by the Hebrew state, and their failure to assist an endangered population, in this case the Palestinians, who have been victims of the bloody madness of that nation.


The indignation in their own nations, that has shaken national opinion against the Israel action, has now forced them to call on the Zionist state to halt its pursuit of an aggressive and belligerent policy, the rationale and purpose for which they had all but endorsed.


From these nations, however, international opinion expects more than a mere principled judgment against Israel. Particularly those that have nonetheless persisted in calling upon "human conscience." For having so long allowed the Zionist State to act with impunity and violate the rules of international law and morality, these countries and governments have an obligation to do more. It is up to them to bring reason with something other that condemnations and non-binding resolutions - as they insist in doing with regard to Iran through international sanctions.


The policy of two weights, two measures [double standards] that always favors the Hebrew State has turned the Near and Middle East into the world's powder keg, and has precipitated the humanitarian tragedy suffered by the Palestinian people.


Unless they decide to adopt a radical change in policy, the only outcome will be an explosion, the price of which even their countries will pay.



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