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The Misguided Demonization of the 'Tea Party' Movement


"Assuming it was true that the Tea Party movement, this great anti-Obama electoral galvanizer, had been a far-right movement, we would have to ask ourselves what went wrong over the past two years for such a movement to emerge out of nowhere."




November 3, 2010


Spain - ABC - Original Article (Spanish)

A somewhat contrite President Obama takes questions the day after a devestating blow to Democrats.


BBC HARDTALK: Is it time to prepare for gridlock in the U.S. Congress?, Nov. 3, 00:05:19RealVideo

The Barack Obama who just faced the polls has very little to do with the one who faced them on November 4, 2008, when he achieved an election victory of historic proportions. Up until Monday, not a single public opinion survey has improved on the diminished image of the president, from whom his party comrades have fled this campaign season as if he were a biblical plague.


Confronting this evidence, as is often seen in the Spanish media, the easiest recourse is to discredit political movements that have managed to galvanize the campaign. Notably in this case, the Tea Party, which is usually characterized as an ultra-right movement. How easy it is to argue based on labels!


Assuming it was true that this great anti-Obama electoral galvanizer had been a far-right movement, we would have to ask ourselves what went wrong over the past two years for such a movement to emerge out of nowhere. Why, three months after Obama presented his first budget, did this movement in the form of "tea parties" emerge like mushrooms all across the Union to denounce the increase in public spending by 8.4 percent and the federal government's willingness to subsidize large corporations? And one that is, according to Anglo-Saxon terminology, a libertarian movement - liberal to us - that does nothing to threaten the solid foundations of the great American Republic.


It's true that the "Tea Party" movement - which the Republican Party has managed to captivate even though it cost many pro-government Republicans their jobs - has proven a useful platform for numerous demagogues and radicals that have long been a part of American politics. But in no way should this confound us about the real issue at hand. And that is, two years after his historical victory, Obama's interventions have disillusioned his people, as has his insistence on governing against the clear wishes of Americans - as was the case with his imposition of health care reform and his unwillingness to attend to messages opposing his policies coming from the electorate.



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