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With Sanctions, Seoul 'Traitors' Inch Closer to 'Grand War' Against North (Rodong Sinmun, North Korea)


As the world is now becoming aware, North Korea has detonated its third nuclear device. This news item from North Korea's state-run Rodong Sinmun foreshadows today's detonation, and outlines Pyongyang's grievances against the outgoing administration of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. It serves as a warning to the South's president elect and first female head of state, Park Geun-hye, not to underestimate 'the fierce nature of the historic stand-off between the DPRK and the United States.' Park takes office Feb. 25.


February 12, 2013


North Korea - Rodong Sinmun - Original Article (English)

Women in Tokyo read news reports on North Korea's third nuclear test, Feb. 12.

BBC NEWS AUDIO: North Korea can now, 'make all the bombs they want', Feb. 12, 00:03:04RealVideo

On February 2, the Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued information bulletin No. 1019. It says:


South Korea's puppet group of traitors, upset by the strong reaction of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the hostile measures taken at the U.N., is working hard in league with the United States to participate in imposing "sanctions." This is like a thief crying "Stop Thief!"


At an emergency meeting of diplomatic and security ministers on January 31, the traitor Lee [South Korea's current president], spoke loudly of the north's "nuclear test and other provocation and threats," made provocative remarks calling for "tighter sanctions" and "strong reactions." Puppet Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin and Intelligence chief Won Se-hun, and others, fully backed him.


Chief of diplomacy and security at the Blue House, Chon Yong-u, puppet Unification Minister Ryu U-Ik, and other confrontational maniacs in the south said, "the north should choose: survival or nuclear weapons" and "stronger sanctions that the north can hardly withstand must be imposed."


The south Korean regime and the United States regularly engage in outbursts that fail to exclude even military "sanctions." In the meantime, the advanced war-making power of the United States is massing in the south and areas around the Korean Peninsula. U.S. nuclear submarines and an Aegis cruiser have entered south Korea to hold combined marine exercises and show off its "military muscle." Meanwhile, the puppet army has been put on alert, "to stand guard against the north." While visiting units on the frontlines, the warmongers are inciting war fever.


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The south Korean puppet group of traitors, which took such an active role in adopting the latest unwarranted U.N. "resolution" against Koreans, are now working hard to escalate its confrontation with the DPRK and provoke a war, while calling the DPRK's counteraction - defending its inviolable sovereignty - an "additional provocation." This shows that the Seoul group consists of hooligans and unmatched villains intent on exterminating the nation in collusion with outsiders.

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The Lee group's anti-DPRK confrontation racket is a last-ditch effort of a man more dead than alive. With the help of his American masters, he and his group seeks to bluff and somewhat save its tarnished image. By brandishing a ball of fire,  it also seeks to drive the situation to extremes, plunging north-south ties into an irretrievable phase and then handing the baton of "sanctions" and "confrontation" to the new regime. [South Korea's new president, Park Geun-hye, will take office February 25].


The ever-intensifying confrontation racket on the part of the Lee group of traitors, the United States, and other hostile forces, is proof positive that U.N. "resolutions on sanctions" against the DPRK are a product of deliberate, planned intrigues to escalate hostility against the DPRK to isolate it, stifle it, and prevent it from building an economic giant. But they are badly mistaken.


The enemy "sanctions" have only further hardened the will and strength of all DPRK service personnel and people to defend their just cause under the banner of justice and build the most powerful, highly-civilized socialist nation.



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In league with the U.S. and Japan, the Lee group talks of "sanctions." This reminds one of a puppy knowing no fear of the tiger. Yet it is suicidal as jumping into fire with a bundle of kindling.


The DPRK has now declared its toughest stand to cope with the hostile steps of its ferocious enemies, and its army and people are fully prepared, awaiting only the time of final battle.


The DPRK is fully prepared for both economic and military "sanctions." Anyone who encroaches upon its dignity and sovereignty even a bit, with any form of "sanction" will not succeed in avoiding deadly retaliation.


The Lee group should bear in mind that its participation in "sanctions" against the DPRK will lead to a grand war for national reunification. Invincibility is our most just cause and no force on earth can arrest it.


The Lee group should stop its foolish act, and finally understand the fierce nature of the historic stand-off between the DPRK and the United States.


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