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America Should 'Hire Private Jets for Muslims'


"Confronted with the gravity and barbarity of terrorism, the best method to follow would be to hold all Muslims in suspicion until the opposite can be proven."


By Khadir Taahar, an Iraqi columnist*


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


December 27, 2009


United Kingdom - Elaph - Original Article (Arabic)

Troubled Youth: Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab has been charged by the United States with attempting to blow up an aircraft which was enroute from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.


BBC NEWS AUDIO: An interview with British Home Secretary Alan Johnson on the investigation into Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Dec. 28, 00:07:50RealVideo

Yesterday, Allah made sure that the crime against passengers of an American aircraft arriving from Holland, in which a terrorist wanted to kill people just because he differs with them ideologically and religiously - didn't happen. This crime and others will give America good reason to find several new ways of protecting itself and its people from the barbarity of terrorism. Security and the preservation of life will trump human rights and civil liberties.


If I were in the place of an American decision maker, I would address the threat of airborne terrorism and passenger safety by arranging special flights for Muslims only and setting up a weekly schedule of aircraft that belong to Muslim countries, which would be permitted to land in special areas of American airports. There, passengers would have to undergo a meticulous search. In this way, the danger of terrorism on flights arriving from abroad could be largely mitigated. ††



But in regard to domestic flights, security measures must target Muslim passengers, and the emphasis should be on preventing them from carrying more than one Muslim per flight unless they are husband and wife or father and son. Of course, for flights arriving from overseas, there is a probability that terrorists with foreign passports will sneak aboard on the grounds that they arenít Muslim. That likelihood could be dealt with by tightened security measures at international airports with flights bound for the United States.


Being an Arab Muslim, I admit that I donít trust taller Muslims living in Europe and America, particularly since there are no devices that allow us to discern the intentions, faith and sincerity of people.



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Therefore, confronted with the gravity and barbarity of terrorism, the best method to follow would be to hold all Muslims in suspicion until the opposite can be proven. This is part of a legitimate right to self-defense against terrorist attacks when we don't know when or where they will originate; and when attacks could come from Muslims born in Europe and America and who have lived the high life on their bounty, only to later stab them in the back and betray them!



The strange thing is that we haven't heard any condemnations from the Islamic world, be it from clerics or intellectuals, against that cowardly and criminal act that was timed to occur during the New Year holidays. Where is the conscience, where are the human values, and does the justice of Allah accept the killing of people by the disease of terrorism?


* Khadir Taahar is a regular columnist with Iraq's Kitabat newspaper



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