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Rodong Sinmun, North Korea

Imperialist Sanctions 'Should Be Smashed'


Are Western calls for greater democracy and human rights merely a pretext to punish governments that refuse to obey 'imperialist' dictates? This article by columnist Jo Thaek-bom of North Korea's state-run Rodong Sinmun argues that the abysmal economic performance of 'independent nations' like North Korea and Iran is a direct result of politically-motivated Western sanction.


By Jo Thaek-bom


February 29, 2012


North Korea - Rodong Sinmun - Original Article (English)

This latest example of North Korean propaganda says, 'Let us be ten million rifles and ten million bombshells to guard our dear supreme commander comrade Kim Jong-Un with our lives!


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The imperialists are becoming ever bolder in their moves to achieve global hegemony. Under the pretext of democracy, human rights, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and the like, they are leaving no stone unturned to realize their wild ambition.


They are stepping up their offensive against their rivals in the anti-imperialist and independent countries, nations of points of strategic importance and regions abounding in oil resources.


All countries, given their specific circumstances and conditions, are permitted to adopt their own strategies and lines. Thus is an issue of sovereignty and no one can argue about it.


The imperialists, however, in an attempt to enforce Western-style values, indulge themselves in interference in the internal affairs of other nations. And when they fail, they impose collective sanctions through the United Nations or perpetrate military invasions. This seriously infringes on the independence of sovereign states and presents an obstacle to national economic development.


Imperialist sanctions are aimed at disturbing people's minds, causing them to disintegrate from within. These dominator forces use the pretext of sanctions against countries that disobey them and aim to create an obstacle to economic development, and cause living standards to deteriorate.


The imperialists blame the resultant economic failure on incorrect state policies, and instigate people to rise up against governments. They even scheme to topple them. The sanctions of the imperialists are designed to weaken the defense capabilities of other nations, thus easily dominating them militarily.


The economy and military defense capability are closely tied. In fact, defense capacity is inconceivable apart from economic development. Take Iraq for example. For over ten years in the 1990s, Iraq suffered under Western sanctions. The economy went bankrupt and the people were driven to destitution. At that point, Iraq couldn't even think of increasing its defense capability.


The United States attempted to weaken the defense capacity of Iraq through protracted sanctions. It fabricated a fiction on possession of weapons of mass destruction and launched an invasion of Iraq. The Iraqi army could not counter properly. The United States put the rich resources of oil in Iraq into its power without shedding blood.


Now the U.S.-led Western countries are hell bent on collective sanctions against Iran.


Iran is a strong anti-imperialist country with an independent stand. Look at as a thorn in America's flesh. So the United States is trying to deny Iran its peaceful nuclear activity. Sanctions on Irans financial and oil sectors are getting tougher. All financial dealings with the Central Bank of Iran are carefully checked and a ban Iranian oil imports is being expanded. The aimed is to drive Iran into chaos and paralyze its defensive capability



The U.S. defense secretary predicted that Israel is expected to attack Iran this spring. Israel's deputy prime minister has said that his country is prepared to attack all of Iran's nuclear facilities. This proves that the U.S. is intent on using Israel as a storming party and servant of its strategy to dominate the Middle East.


Amid the rising military threat against Iran, U.S. strategic bombers and over 15,000 U.S. troops have been deployed to neighboring countries. Hundreds of heavy bombs have been transported to a U.S. military base on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and two U.S. carrier flotillas are now on constant combat duty.


One accidental shot may lead to war.


Developments in the Persian Gulf suggest many things. Imperialist sanctions infringe on the interests of other nations and interrupt normal ties. Now the United States demands that other countries join its sanctions against Iran. It has created a very complicated international situation.



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Western countries that import oil from Iran face an awkward situation. In 2010, Greece, Italy and Spain imported 68.5 percent of their oil from Iran. The Iranian oil ban will inflict a great loss on these countries.


To cope with Western sanctions, Iran plans to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. And while bolstering its defense capacity, Iran is staging large-scale military exercises in surrounding waters. Due to the alarming situation in the Persian Gulf, the international oil price has already exceeded $110 per barrel, and it is expected to rise to $200-$300 in the future.


Japan Recently asked the United States to partly exempt it from Iranian oil sanctions and permit it to continue settling its accounts through the Central Bank of Iran. But the United States demands that Japan further reduce its oil import from Iran.



In recent years, Japan has been forced by the United States to reduce its Iranian oil import by 40 percent. Now Japan is being asked to cut its oil import by 18 percent more to satisfy U.S. demands. Then and only then, will the U.S. permit it settle its accounts with the Central Bank of Iran.


The United States gives priority to its own interests only. It is extremely arbitrary and despotic. Some countries, which are opposed to U.S. behavior, have taken measures to drastically boost their imports of Iranian oil. India, China and Brazil are greatly interested in doing so. At the same time, Iran has cut all oil exports to countries that have gone along with U.S. sanctions against Iran, and it is boosting oil exports to Asian countries.



One will have to wait and see who suffers greater losses from restricted imports of Iranian oil.


But the imperialist sanctions are not almighty.


The DPRK has lived under vicious allied imperialist sanctions for over half a century. They are sanctions that have been imposed in the most despicable manner. Now the United States wants to extend the scope of those sanctions as well. But their sanctions will never frighten the Korean people.


The Korean people are accelerating the building of a prosperous nation reliant only on their own independent economy. No force on earth can stand in the way of the Korean people, who dynamically advance while smashing imperialist sanctions with the might of Songun [self reliance].



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