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An 'Assange' On Both Your Houses!


"Assange has said that in the near future, Russian citizens will learn a lot about their country. He wasn't bluffing. The cables of U.S. diplomats are just a tiny sliver of the WikiLeaks dossier. Our cooperation will mainly be focused on uncovering corruption at the highest political strata. Now, none will be shielded from the truth."


By Roman Anin


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


December 22, 2010


Russia - Novaya Gazeta - Original Article (Russian)

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Unless he and his fellow global leaders are in for more rude awakenings unless they manage to silence Julian Assange and his creation, WikiLeaks. Putin claims someone is 'misleading' WikiLeaks.

AUSTRALIA'S LATELINE: WikiLeaks release paints Russia as 'mafia state', Dec. 10, 00:03:44RealVideo

As of today, Novaya Gazeta is an official partner of WikiLeaks.


Recently, there have been so many conspiracy theories and delirious conspiratorial accusations around the site and its founder, Julian Assange, that we probably should explain how we arrived at the idea of a partnership.


I once met Assange: we drank vodka in a circle of mutual friends in a small apartment in Stockholm. To help you understand: Assange, who today is being called everything from an undercover operative of the U.S. State Department to Agent Smith of the movie Matrix come to life, looked like a typical nerd from the mathematics department of some university. He wore a long awkward sweater, jeans someone gave him as a gift and socks that didn't match. It was hard to believe when, a few months later, he surpassed bin Laden on the Pentagon's list of leading enemies and senior American politicians began seriously discussions on the need to simply eliminate the man.


Assange is perhaps the world's greatest hacker. At least among those interested in politics rather than stealing money from bank accounts, he has no equal. Even in a circle of acquaintances and with a shot of vodka, he spoke in a whisper, fearing that someone might overhear: he had a meeting planned late at night with someone, which he arranged as he repeatedly changed cell phones and SIM cards.


Assange's goal is very simple and impossibly naïve: to make the world as transparent as possible and minimize the possibility of any government making decisions without the knowledge of the people. In regard to such a goal, one could laugh - but Assange believes in it with the conviction of a child. That evening we met, for example, he described how he managed to hack into the database of Panamanian companies and uncover the ties between the American establishment and arms dealers. A typical journalist would have spoken of this in sensational terms. But he did so as a person who for the first time had solved Rubik’s cube, or as an entomologist who had just discovered a new species of butterfly.


WikiLeaks’ chief critics talk about one thing: Assange’s mission is incompatible with the interests of national security. It's easy to test this theory: over the past decade, this has been perhaps the most effective tool of governments to justify their actions and regulate society. In the name of national security, gubernatorial elections can be cancelled [Russia]; in the name of saving the nation, another contingent of troops can be sent to die in a godforsaken land, and even businessmen can be put behind bars, named an enemy of the people and a threat to national security [a reference to former Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, among others].


It's startling, given how successfully this theory has worked before, how is has begun to malfunction when applied to the phenomenon of WikiLeaks. This site has many enemies in the highest political circles, among the generals, and within the bureaucracy. But it has a far larger number of supporters among the common people. There is a very simple explanation for this: the soldier who has lost his legs in Afghanistan receives a long explanation about how he has spilled his blood in the name of national security; but suddenly Assange comes along, who has shown that behind all of the eloquent words about national security, hide the interests of a handful of privileged officials sleeping with prostitutes and greedy politicians who have get a percentage from every meter of gas pipeline. Such people are always ready for serious discussions of the right to free speech - but only to the point where free speech threatens their own power and their happy existence. WikiLeaks is the first attempt at making real the idea of absolute freedom of information.   





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Assange is feared by officials of all the world's leading powers. The effectiveness of his site is the envy of the largest media outlets. Look: the most senior officials have been prompted by this odd character to persuade publications to stop publishing, presidents are having to justify themselves to one another, and, under the pressure from WikiLeaks, even the mysterious [energy trading] firm Gunvor has been forced to identify one of its owners [Gennady Timchenko]. Suddenly, the authorities had to speak the truth, and for this, they will never forgive Assange.


[Editor's Note: According to AOL News, one of the disclosed U.S. diplomatic cables from 2008 relayed local gossip that "secretive" Swiss oil-trading firm Gunvor - run by "Gennady Timchenko, who is rumored to be a former KGB colleague of Putin's" - was "rumored to be one of Putin's sources of undisclosed wealth." The company made huge profits, the cable noted, by levying a $1 surcharge on every barrel of oil exported, rather than the usual 5 to 20 cents. That cable is sure to lead to renewed scrutiny of Putin's wealth, which in 2007 was estimated to be at least $40 billion, making him Europe's richest man.]


Please Read a Personal Appeal from

Worldmeets.US Founder William Kern


Today, the founder of WikiLeaks and his supporters have plenty of problems. In response to Assange’s Afghan War Logs, he was accused of sleeping with women without a condom, and a “leak” of his love letters followed the publication of the U.S. diplomatic cables. And now, at the highest political levels, a discussion has begun: is it possible to prove that the courtships of a hacker are harassment?


Now persecution has begun of one of Assange’s acquaintances - a WikiLeaks partner in Sweden named Johannes Wahlstrom. He published a U.S. diplomatic cable that suggests that Swedish Special Forces have been secretly monitoring citizens. And in this country [Sweden], which is said to be an advocate of free speech, leading newspapers and radio stations are beginning to seriously accuse Wahlstrom in being his father’s son - a person famed for his anti-Semitic pronouncements. From this fact we are led to arrive at this theory: all of Wahlstrom’s work has hidden anti-Semitic overtones and is aimed at breaking the "Zionist conspiracy." The magic power of governments has collapsed in the face of truth, and in a panic, they haven't been able to come up with anything better than stories of ripped condoms and anti-Semitic theories.


Assange has said that in the near future, Russian citizens will learn a lot about their country. He wasn't bluffing. The cables of U.S. diplomats are just a tiny sliver of the WikiLeaks dossier. Our cooperation will mainly be focused on uncovering corruption at the highest political strata. Now, none will be shielded from the truth.


[Editor's Note: Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev owns 24.5 percent of Novaya Gazeta].




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