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'Legitimately Raped': An Idea Only the Iranian Regime Could Love (News, Switzerland)


"The fact that the hideous face of the party, with prudery, fear of God, women and foreigners at the top of its agenda, resembles more than anything that of the Iranian regime - their sworn and deadly enemy (after Obama) - is to say the least ironic."


By Patrik Etschmayer



Translated By Rinald Meta


August 25, 2012


News – Switzerland – Original Article (German)

Michigan Congressman Todd Akin: Is it possible for a lawmaker in one of the world's leading nations to believe that women have a manual pregnancy turn-off switch?

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Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin has an absolutely fascinating new theory about the issue of pregnancy through rape. According to him, a female victim of a “legitimate rape” - in other words of a "real" rape - would not in fact become pregnant. The shocking fact: this view doesn't make Akin an extremist, but rather the perfect 2012 Republican.


At the Republican Convention, which will begin on Monday in Tampa, Florida, the official choice of Romney as nominee won't be the only item on the agenda. At the same time, the party platform for the November presidential race will be unveiled, which includes assertions that put the comments that apparently derailed Akin's campaign smack in the mainstream of Republican thought. 


So, for instance, there’s an attempt to forbid any type of abortion. Rape? Abortion forbidden. Incest? Abortion forbidden. A mother's life endangered? Abortion forbidden. Mother and child would die during labor? Ditto. So should one be surprised about this, coming from a party, the representatives of which put women on the same level as cows and sheep?


Of course, these positions were found in previous party manifestos. But this is the first time in decades that so many candidates and elected officials - and not just members of the party base - have expressed such views so forthrightly.


This is in addition to the party's efforts to constitutionally-forbid gay marriage, crack down even harder on illegal immigrants, tighten registration rules to exclude, to the degree possible, poorer citizens from voting, and by undermining previously-lax gun laws, threatening the safety of those already born. In terms of its treatment of the poor, the weak and minorities, it is a program that would have been considered too conservative even under Eisenhower.


If Akin blathers on about intelligent wombs that know whether a woman has been “legitimately” raped or not - thus implying that the victims of rape actually want their lives ruined by violent criminals - it is also an obvious and accepted part of the Republican Party platform. If we take this idea to its logical conclusion, all rapists whose victims became pregnant should be acquitted or released from prison, since their deeds cannot be considered “legitimate rape."

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Fear of a world in the midst of social and demographic change, and based on scientific evidence, is what the “GOP” - the party that once abolished slavery - is dominated by today. Prudery, fear of God, racism, misogyny and xenophobia increasingly define its program and members, while the world gradually passes by the pensioners' party, the members of which take a hand in disenfranchising themselves.


The fact that the hideous face of the party, with prudery, fear of God, women and foreigners at the top of its agenda, resembles more than anything that of the Iranian regime - their sworn and deadly enemy (after Obama) - is to say the least ironic. It would be interesting to hear what Republicans have to say about the Iranian regime's efforts to reduce the marriageable age for girls to nine years old (yes - you read that right). Presumably nothing, as long as they are legally married - before God. Because then it couldn't possibly be rape … whether a pregnancy results or not.


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