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Ryan: Romney's Libertarian Trojan Horse May Bolt (News, Switzerland)


"It is entirely possible that Romney chose his vice presidential candidate as a consolation prize for Ron Paul, and hopes this will dampen the discord or even make it disappear. ... The question is whether Ryan's loyalty to a would-be President Romney will be stronger that his fealty toward his hallowed political positions. It is quite possible that this Libertarian 'consolation price' will be a huge detriment for Romney."


By Patrik Etschmayer



Translated By Stephanie Martin


August 15, 2012


News – Switzerland – Original Article (German)

Wisconson House member Paul Ryan: A true believer in modern American conservatism, will he be a modern version of Rome's Cato the Younger, dedicated to his ideals - whatever the consequences to himself and his nation? Or will he, with Mitt Romney, play ball with the opposition, in a town where the art of the deal already appears to be a distant memory?

BBC NEWS VIDEO: Obama delivers his verdict on Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, Aug. 13, 00:01:02RealVideo

After the Republican vice presidential candidate proved such an embarrassment four years ago, candidate Mitt Romney has steered clear any such candidate this time around. Instead, he chose, superficially speaking, a copy of himself: Paul Ryan, White, male, conservative. But Ryan offers much more.


Because Paul Ryan, a child of the Midwest, who represents the cheese and milk state of Wisconsin in the House of Representatives, is decidedly libertarian - and one of the Ayn Rand variety. It is a political movement primarily represented by Texas Representative and Mitt Romney rival - Ron Paul. Paul is considered the intellectual godfather of the Tea Party movement, and passionately champions the libertarian message that the state should stay out of everything, drugs should be liberalized, military operations abroad should be abolished, and everyone should support themselves with their own work - not welfare.

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Positions among libertarians cover a very broad spectrum indeed, and range from radical conservatism to anarchism. But in one respect, they are more or less in agreement: The government should be smaller - much smaller.


Ron Paul had announced, despite having no real chance of being chosen as the Republican nominee, that he would gather delegates for the party nomination and appear at the Republican National Convention to present his points, because for many libertarians, Romney is just as much a product of rotten government as the Democrat Obama. It is entirely possible that Romney chose his vice presidential candidate as a consolation prize for Ron Paul, and hopes this will dampen the discord or even make it disappear.


But the libertarian agenda, considered radical by ordinary politicians, may not only win supporters for Romney (who wouldn't have voted for Obama anyway), it may also frighten voters who fear the movement's clear rejection of social solidarity. The bottom line fundamental libertarian belief is that people who benefit from public support should never have received it in the first place because: a) they do nothing in return and, b) are to blame for their own situation. So the elderly, sick, and those who haven't put aside a small fortune to pay their doctors, should remain silent and die, or hope for charitable contributions.



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If assistance is given, it should only be on a voluntary, private basis. Government redistribution, compulsory health insurance (a major issue is the repeal of Obama's health care reform), and yes, even public education, is a horror to many Ron Paul (and Paul Ryan) supporters. The movement considers the U.S. Federal Reserve to be the seat of all the world's evils. On the other hand, individual responsibility and unlimited individual and economic freedom are core values that should be reinstated - like the gold standard. Once these have been reintroduced, society would automatically and immediately function much effectively.


For many, such statements are not only enticing, but are announced in the form of a religious mantra. All the evils of the past few years are supposedly rooted in government intervention. The economic crisis, the debt crisis and probably even  climate change are blamed on a botched, wasteful state - and by no means on the relaxation of government regulation over the banking sector and decades of deregulation that followed Reagan's "conservative revolution."

Despite their policy similarities, Ron Paul supporters assert

dissatisfaction with the Ryan pick, as is evidenced by this

graphic from the pro-Ron Paul group Patriots and Paulies.

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Whether such politics (the practitioners of which happily support many of Paul's ideas) would lead to a utopia of freedom and happiness or a neo-feudal society, should be left to the political debate. But with Ryan, who has already worked very actively to deconstruct the U.S. health and social systems, Romney has taken aboard a running mate that may more strongly determine the direction of his campaign than he would like, and could badly strain his evident capacity to compromise. After all, the relatively young 42-year-old Ryan has greater political ambitions than the vice presidency. The question is whether his loyalty to a would-be President Romney will be stronger that his fealty toward his hallowed political positions. It is quite possible that this Libertarian "consolation price" will be a huge detriment for Romney.




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