Michelle Obama and Anne Romney: Epitomizing two archetypes of the

American woman.



Ann Romney and Michelle Obama: The Battle for FLOTUS Has Begun (Le Figaro, France)


“They embody the two social Americas: both are dedicated wives and mothers with uncommon strength of character. The more independent Michelle is already heavily involved in the re-election campaign and has proven herself a consummate fundraiser. Ann Romney, from her more traditional position at the battlements, will assist her husband, who has a real image problem.”


By Veronique Saint-Geours



Translated By Jill Naeem


April 11, 2012


France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

Has the battle for “first lady” begun? Ann Romney, wife of the almost certain Republican nominee, is already fuelling articles in the press, not just as necessary campaign dressing but first and foremost as a politico. By running the headline, The Romney Democrats Fear Most, Politico spoke well of the woman who, if Republicans win, could become the next “FLOTUS.” Painting a picture of her “quiet strength” and her indispensability to Romney … it is far removed from the portrait of Michelle Obama, the “angry black woman,” which forced Obama’s 2008 campaign team to distance itself from her excessive spontaneity. It was something the campaign later regretted. But are these two so different?


Dedicated to the political careers of their husbands, they embody two archetypes of the American woman:


Michelle Obama, the 48-year-old resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, carries the dream of Black America and other minorities. She is a FLOTUS original, totally dedicated to the job and to her two teenage daughters. Born into lower-middle-class Chicago, she represents the success of the American dream, when studies and personal competence lead to the very top. She met Barack at a law firm she worked at as a legal intern. She brought her mother to the White House to watch over Malia and Sasha. She initiated some original projects, of which the most famous is her fight against obesity in children and teenagers. She transformed the South Lawn into a vegetable garden and still takes every opportunity to develop her “Let’s Move” strategy, which aims at getting people to exercise and making sports more accessible. The other causes she fights for are military families with members at the front and the return of Black students to their communities … She has redrawn the battle lines.

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Ann Romney, the blond-haired, 62-year-old challenger, doesn’t balk at wearing a little bright red dress. She’s always cheerful with that slightly-abrasive “cheerleader smile” so worshipped in the U.S., and could fill a void for American conservatives who have been ill at ease since 2008 with a Black FLOTUS. And she can clearly see herself reclaiming the castle. Born into a Northeastern middle-class family of Welsh origins - her father was a mayor - she has always been an equestrian. At school at age 15, she met future millionaire Mitt. Their tribe of five sons and 17 grandchildren surround her on the campaign trail. And her breast cancer is one of the successful battles she speaks of so lucidly. She was first lady before - of Massachusetts - when Mitt was governor from 2003 to 2007. Her husband’s campaign team uses her to reach out to female audiences who show little appreciation for Mitt. She delivers the message, “Mitt is better than you think.” But any absence on her part cannot be sustained: in the event, her husband appears destabilized. Have we at long last identified an addiction problem for Mitt?



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Consequently, they embody the two social Americas: both are dedicated wives and mothers with uncommon strength of character. The more independent Michelle is already heavily-involved in the reelection campaign and has proven herself a consummate fundraiser. The Obama campaign team will not repeat their 2008 mistake and will give her a major role. Ann Romney, from her more traditional position at the battlements, will assist her husband, who has a real image problem: the more people learn about him, the less they like him, as confirmed by 55 percent of those surveyed by the Washington Post/ABC - just as it was in 2008. But can American women still recognize themselves in what Ann Romney stands for?




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