Dinesh D'Souza's 2016: Obama's America: Could one liken the

documentary to the propaganda of China's Cultural Revolution?



America's Unsettling Political 'Hate Speech' (China Daily, People's Republic of China)


Could the recent anti-Obama documentary by conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza be compared to communist propaganda generated during the Cultural Revolution - or Nazi Germany? For China's state-run China Daily, U.S. correspondent Chen Weihua writes that even more unsettling than seeing The Dark Knight Rises after the Colorado massacre was viewing D'Souza's 2016: Obama's America - a film that paints president Obama as being the world's leading anti-American American.


By Chen Weihua*



September 4, 2012


People’s Republic of China - China Daily – Original Article (English)

Going to a movie could be a scary experience if it reminds you of the July 20 theater shooting in Colorado that ended with 12 people dead and 58 injured. Last weekend, as my daughter and I were waiting to see The Dark Knight Rises - the same film the Aurora victims had come to see - a guy wearing a bulletproof vest came into the theater.


Much creepier, however, was my screening at another Manhattan cinema of 2016: Obama's America a few days earlier. I suspected that the documentary wouldn't be my cup of tea, but as a curious journalist I went anyway.


I walked in ten minutes before the scheduled start, expecting plenty of seats to be available - this was a documentary, after all. To my surprise, the theater, which probably could seat up to 1,000 people, was packed.


After managing to find a seat, I noticed the audience was for the most part White senior citizens - an age group that historically turns out to vote in huge numbers during U.S. presidential election.


On screen, Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative pundit who wrote, co-directed and stars in the film, began his celluloid screed by interpreting the Barack Obama he claims to know.



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Obama wants a smaller America, a poorer America, railed D'Souza. Obama's goal is to downsize America in the name of global justice. This is deeply rooted in the anti-colonialism thinking he inherited from his father, whom Obama didn't spend much time with. Obama also wants to redistribute wealth away from the rich and toward the poor. He wants to weaken NASA. He refuses to take any meaningful steps to diminish Iran's nuclear ambitions. Obama is pro-Islam and unfriendly to Israel. He is willing to betray Britain, America's key ally, and to allow Argentina to reclaim the Falkland Islands. Obama is heavily influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, a noted American communist.

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The documentary took people to Kenya, where Obama's father was born, then to Indonesia, where Obama spent several of his early years with his mother and stepfather, and to other foreign lands - all in an effort to convince viewers that Obama's non-American roots and experiences make him truly un-American.


It's true that not everyone has to love or vote for Obama, but portraying him in this light is just wrong. It is pure character assassination, reminding me of the political persecution during China's "Cultural Revolution" (1966-76), when overnight, the nation's leaders and heroes were labeled traitors and villains.


In the audience that evening, my views were clearly in the minority. Many of my fellow moviegoers applauded loudly at the end - or when they saw the image of Ronald Reagan flicker on the screen.


While I was trying hard to figure out whether such a documentary was equivalent to hate speech, The Campaign, a new comedy I saw this week, seemed to provide answer.


Starring Will Farrell and Zach Galifianakis, the movie is a tale of two Southerners fighting for a seat in Congress. Behind the scenes, money is pumped into the campaign by the "Motch brothers" (a clear reference to the real-life Republican Koch brothers) in a bid to manipulate the outcome for personal gain. All of the dirty tricks employed, though hilarious, reminded me of the ongoing presidential campaign as well as D'Souza's documentary on Obama.


As I feel some sympathy toward Obama, I cannot forget that another character-assassination movie just premiered in Los Angeles.



Death By China, based on a book of the same title by University of California-Irvine professor Peter Navarro, amounts to hate speech about China. Its key points: China is bad in every respect. China is stealing American jobs, killing its babies with unsafe toys and its army is preparing to kill Americans.


In a country known for producing great movies, garbage like Death By China, akin to World War II Nazi propaganda, should never make it to the screen.


*New York based Chen Weihua is deputy editor of China Daily USA.




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