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The Coming Iraqi Storm


"This country is in for a new phase of political and security turmoil - and violence. The forecast for Iraq should serve as a red line for its leaders to review their political inclinations and renounce their differences, or they'll end up as wood for the flames set by America and Israel."


By Dr. Fadhil Al Badrani


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


November 12, 2011


Iraq - Al-Iraq News - Original Article (Arabic)

Devotees of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr demonstrate against a visit from Vice President Joe Biden: Are celebrations over America's withdrawal premature?


AL-BAGHADADIYA TV: Former Iraqi lawmaker accuses Iran of attempting to assassinate him, Aug. 11, 2011, 00:03:37.RealVideo

President Barack Obama has finally announced America's military withdrawal from Iraq by December, leaving responsibility for providing security to local security forces. But no sooner had Obama declared his decision than the entire world turned upside down. There was a rush of statements confirming the fears of certain parties about the security vacuum that America's pullout would create and who would fill it. At the same time, there has been jubilation among other parties and factions that imagined - stupidly - that with a complete U.S. withdrawal, seizing Iraq would be a simple matter. In the final analysis, both extremes are mistaken in their analysis.


Events on the horizon are bringing dramatic global change. Iraq's share of these changes will be large and the aftermath will not be in Iraq's favor. This country is in for a new phase of political and security turmoil - and violence. Iraq will again be plunged into ethnic and sectarian strife and battles over federalism. And Allah forbid - the United States and others are making plans that will result in further violence and domestic war.


The American Central Intelligence Agency has been entrusted with the task of finding alternative technological means of enhancing efficiency and maintaining a presence without tens of thousands of troops, not to mention the large number wounded and disabled since the Iraq invasion began eight years ago. To accomplish this, talk has begun of moving all of the CIA's equipment to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey's southern city of Adana, which would include unmanned drones under joint CIA/Turkish control that will keep track of armed groups and most-wanted leaders. In return for using Incirlik, Turkey will be permitted to avail itself of the use of these aircraft to pursue Kurdish rebels who depend on the loyalty of their Iraqi Kurdish brethren to hold out in the mountains of Northern Iraq.


While the move will be a proactive step by Turkey against its enemies, the American mission of going after a wider range of groups and individuals will be more difficult. At a later stage, Washington will likely reveal that that such operations occurred in Iraq, Iran and Syria, particularly since no one expected recent global developments like the Iraq withdrawal or the Arab Spring. And that is to say nothing of the fall of the Qaddafi regime and the future importance of Libyan oil and gas for the U.S. economy.



From this will dawn a new era in U.S.-Turkish relations: Ankara will gain military and political support from Washington, and, as is the nature of the global political order, which is based on common interests, the United States will be able to follow up on what it sees as instability in three countries from neighboring Incirlik - and even from Kuwait. That is what one senior U.S. official meant when he said that the CIA's activities and information gathering for the purposes of keeping track of events in Iraq, Iran and Syria could be accomplished just as well from Turkey and Kuwait as from U.S. bases in Iraq.




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While in the previous period, the United States and Iran disagreed on politics but agreed on economic issues in regard to a common issue named Iraq, the benefits realized from Iraq's vast oil reserves will cement the emerging U.S.-Turkish relationship, which will be characterized by both political and economic agreement.


Therefore, those who fear that a U.S. withdrawal will create a vacuum only to be filled by Iran; and those who hope that the U.S. pullout will strengthen Tehran's hand for drawing a new map for the region according to its desires are deluding themselves. That was the warning to Iran contained in a comment by U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta before he departed Japan for South Korea: The United States will continue close relations with Iraq and strive to maintain a presence in the Middle East for a long time to come.


The forecast for Iraq should serve as a red line for its leaders to review their political inclinations and renounce their differences, or they'll end up as wood for the flames set by America and Israel.



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