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Zone: Is the United States conspiring to remain in Iraq longer by

denying Baghdad the defensive weapons and training it needs?



Sotal Iraq, Iraq

America Deliberately Denies Weapons and Training to Iraq


"America has done this deliberately because its plan to withdraw is anything but permanent. In fact, America doesn't want to leave at all, so it must dream up reasons to stay. The Iraqi government and National Assembly should be hard and unwavering toward the Americans and never again get fooled."


By Qasim Al-Kafaji


Translated By Hannah Bakheit


November 13, 2011


Iraq - Sotal Iraq - Original Article (Arabic)

A U.S. soldier walks into an Iraqi sandstorm: Does America really intend to leave Iraq? Some Iraqis believe that Washington intends to stay for decades more.


PRESS TV, IRAN [STATE-RUN]: As U.S. drawdown nears, Iraqis voice support for their security forces, Oct. 31, 00:02:00RealVideo

In 2008, Iraq signed a convention with the United States that includes a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq by the end of 2011. But what's really eye catching about the agreement is that it is free of U.S. obligation to fill any of the voids that will open when the time comes to pull out. The important and obvious question is: Why didn't the agreement include a clause initiating the training in 2008 of the Iraqi Air Force on aircraft designed to protect post-withdrawal Iraq so that Iraq's forces could be ready to take back their air space by the end of 2011?


The answer is simple: America has done this deliberately because its plan to withdraw is anything but permanent. In fact, America doesn't want to leave at all, so it must dream up reasons to stay. The Iraqi government - or to be more specific - the party or person who signed this agreement, bears the brunt of responsibility for signing a convention that disadvantages Iraq. Whoever signed the deal should have involved informed professionals to examine the treaty and expose its deficiencies.



However, for Americas benefit of course, the agreement was written and signed in a hurry. It is clear who gains the most from its shortcomings. Today they brazenly claim that they have to remain in Iraq to train members of the Iraqi Army and Air Force. This is nothing but an excuse to hold on to Iraqi territory for as long as possible. What's even stranger is that the Americans say that the training is hard and could take quite some time, even extending to 2020 or 2090. These are simply American scams and tricks that fool every idiot politician who, while having human faces, act no different than jackasses.


Therefore, now that America's tricks have become evident, the Iraqi government and National Assembly should be hard and unwavering toward the Americans and never again get fooled in any shape or form.



Their new trick is the number of U.S. Embassy personnel, the number of which will reach upwards of 16,000. This is one of the strangest issues of all since I know for a fact that diplomatic protocol calls for equal numbers of diplomats in each country. So if the number of diplomats in the Iraqi Embassy in Washington is 62, then the number of American diplomats in Iraq ought to be the same. So what's the secret behind the 16,000 diplomats in Baghdad? The secret is that the Iraqi people and National Assembly refused to provide immunity to U.S. military trainers, which pushed America to come up with this blatant ploy: 16,000 CIA spies with diplomatic passports guaranteeing them diplomatic immunity as is the case with any other diplomat. This way the Iraqi government and its agencies are not entitled to stop or hold any American in the course of spying or committing any acts that are contrary to the will of the Iraqis.


The real question is: Will the Iraqi government and National Assembly be fooled by these deceptive maneuvers, which are a result of America's desire to remain in Iraq whatever the price? They [Americans] have their own agenda, which doesn't in any way benefit Iraq and its people.



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