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Google Affair Harms China's Reputation


"This is the latest episode in a series of events that have given this great country of remarkable achievements a nasty reputation."


By Pierre Rousselin



Translated By Lisa Cabral


January 15, 2010


France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

Google in China: Is the firm retreating due to a failure to penetrate, or is it censorship and government-backed hacking, as it suggests?


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The People’s Republic of China should pay careful attention: its image in the Western world is in the process of taking a punch. The affair over Google, which is battling the censorship of Beijing, is the latest episode in a series of events that have given this great country of remarkable achievements a nasty reputation.


China has succeeded spectacularly in overcoming the international economic crises. It's on its way to establishing itself on the international scene as the great power of tomorrow. This should compel the admiration of all and be a source of pride for the Chinese themselves.


Unfortunately, its emergence is accompanied by a deterioration of its global image. The fault is undoubtedly shared and it may be that these concerns drive attitudes of hostility. But China should take into account the reactions it provokes. 




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We understand that history has taught the Chinese to reject anything that resembles interference in its affairs. Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang are sensitive topics. The debate that preceded the 2008 Olympic Games could be partly explained by obsessive Chinese fear of a Western conspiracy aimed at ruining the celebration of China's renewal by seizing on the question of human rights.


Since then, China has been recognized by the G20 as a major partner. In Copenhagen, China wasn't solely responsible for the failure, after the humiliation doled out to Obama it was singled out. The execution in December of a British citizen accused of drug trafficking but with mental health problems had an even worse effect.


With its opening to the world, China also depends on the outside. If it wants to avoid protectionist reactions and diffuse any manifestation of hostility, China must tend to its reputation.



























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