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Kitabat, Iraq

For Iraqi People, U.S. Withdrawal is 'Two Victories in One'


"The first is that this great people have gotten rid of one of the cruelest dictators in modern times, and his cronies and enforcers. The second is that the Iraqi people have rid themselves of the foreign forces that were imposed on them through bitter reality. This is a people that have suffered injustice to an extent that is rare - even in this world."


By Abd Al Nassir Jabbaar Al Nasseri


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


December 16, 2011


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

U.S. troops leave Iraq: Now that Americans are making their way out, there is more than a little hand-wringing in Baghdad.  

BBC NEWS VIDEO: What will be the impact of U.S. operations in Iraq?, Dec. 18, 00:01:22RealVideo

Without a doubt, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is a national holiday for all Iraqis of all political stripes and colors. This great day of national celebration isn't confined to one group or another, and no particular group can take credit for it, since if it weren't for the patience of the people, there would have been no political process. If not for the peoples awareness they would never have escaped the traps and conspiracies that were set by the bloodthirsty sectarians, the Baathists and followers of al-Qaeda.


One holds annual holidays to celebrate events from Islamic history or for patriotism reasons, such as the triumph of the people in battle. Under Saddam, Iraq had few such victories. His bloody policies often found him laughing to himself and his Baathists as his bought-and-paid-for media transformed awful defeats into glorious victories.


Today the Iraqi people, with the withdrawal of U.S. forces, have not only one, but two genuine victories to celebrate. The first is that this great people have gotten rid of one of the cruelest dictators in modern times, and his cronies and enforcers. The second is that the Iraqi people have rid themselves of the foreign forces that were imposed on them through bitter reality. Iraqi citizens never submitted themselves to the occupation as has been portrayed by some of those who hate this generous people. They were a people forced to watch the American soldier according to the proverb: I do this not because I have want to but because I am forced to. This proverb is expressed whenever someone does something against his will. Had it not been for the injustice of Saddam Hussein's oppressive dictatorship, the Iraqi people would never have accepted the occupation.


After this victory, the Iraqi people will have rid themselves of two oppressions, one domestic and the second external and foreign. It is time to restore Iraq's luster with new ways of looking at things and real ideals that in the presence of freedom and independence take hold over time. It is not alien for this people to teach the world new concepts in every area. From the people of this land emerged the first civilizations and the first set of laws. It was on this land that major victories like the Battle of Karbala took place, which was one of the first revolutions to show the world how blood can overcome the sword and how the oppressed can be victorious.


This is a people that have suffered injustice to an extent that is rare - even in this world. Algeria may be called the nation of a million martyrs, but the number of Iraqi martyrs far exceeds this. Yet oddly enough, this is also a people who patiently and optimistically look toward a better future. It is time for Iraq's new leaders to be cognizant of what the people have sacrificed for their country. It is time Iraqi officials look after the people because they no longer have anyone to protect them: there is no shield to hide their corruption, failure or incapacity to perform their duties.



These are a people that have proven to the world they are more aware than their politicians and leaders. This is a people that have shown the world that they will not be easily drawn into sectarian divisions laid out for them. This is a people that have shown the wisdom and consciousness to foil the plans of those who sought to inflict harm on their nation.


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The Iraqi people must do the following to undertake and bring these accomplishments, victories and celebrations to complete fruition:


-- Reject sectarianism and anyone who calls for it

-- Reject federalism and provinces

-- Reject belittlement of the government and political process

-- Reject demonstrations supported by the Baath Party and the enemies of the Iraqi people

- Vote in the next elections for candidates that offer something to the people

- Demand a civil society that protects the beliefs of all segments of Iraqi society and provides services to the citizens.  




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