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Muslims believe that an Islamic ruler - in the company of

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Ahmadinejad says the United States seeks to prevent this.



Iraq of Tomorrow, Iraq

Ahmadinejad Told to 'Corroborate' American Threat to the 'Mahdi'


"This is political sophistry that exploits religion. … he must corroborate what he has said … his comments come within the context of using religious concepts for the purposes of divisive politics.


-- Ayatollah Hussein Al Mu'ayyid, a leading Iraqi cleric


By Hayyan Nayyuf


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


December 13, 2009


Iraq - Iraq of Tomorrow - Original Article (Arabic)


During a visit to Isfahan, the site of four Chinese-built nuclear reactors, President Ahmadinejad expressed his conviction that America seeks to prevent the emergence of the Shiite Messiah, and that it's Iran's destiny to 'administer the world.'


BBC NEWSNIGHT VIDEO: Defeated reform candidate Mehdi Karoubi, in an interview with the BBC, says 'force is keeping Iran's government in power,' Dec. 13, 00:05:37RealVideo

During an interview with Al Arabiya on Tuesday, Shiite cleric Ayatollah Hussein Al Mu'ayyid* said that Iran President Ahmadinejad's comments that the United States intends to strike Iran because this is where the "Mahdi" will appear is, “political sophistry that exploits religion … he must corroborate what he has said.”


The Iranian President, in a press statement during a tour in Iranian cities, said that “the reason the American military attacks certain countries in the region, is that a man will appear in this region that will crush all evil-doers.


The Iranian leader is quoted as saying, “The United States believes that the Mahdi will appear in the Middle East and drain all sources of oppression in the world,” adding, “they are increasingly aware that the Iranian nation will prepare the way for his appearance and rule.”


The semi-official news agency Mehr said reported during his visit to Isfahan Province last week, Ahmadinejad touched on the attacks by America and some of its allies over the years, against certain countries in the region. "What led them to launch such attacks, which they have never made public, is that they know the day will come when a descendent of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) will appear in our region and destroy all of the world's oppressors, and that the Iranian people will be among the supporters of this man.” He added that Iran “has documents to prove this.”


President Ahmadinejad explains why America attacked Iraq:

To prevent the emergence of the Maghdi, in May of last year.




In response to Ahmadinejad's comments, eminent Shiite theologian Ayatollah Hussein Al Mu'ayyid told Al Arabiya that the Iranian President's comments, “come within the context of using religious concepts for the purposes of divisive political interests … and is an attempt by the Iranian regime to consolidate its popularity at home, soothe the religious sensibilities of Muslims for political gain and strengthen the regime's influence within the Arab and Islamic worlds.”  



Al Mu'ayyid also said that, “religious institutions have a clearly established position preventing the manipulation of religious values and concepts for the political purposes.” He also added, “It isn't surprising to hear that kind of talk coming from Ahmadinejad, because it's populist.” Ayatollah Hussein Al Mu'ayyid is an Iraqi who lives in Jordan, where he founded the opposition National Party, and he regularly criticizes what he considers Iranian meddling in his country [Iraq].



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Ayatollah Hussein Al Mu'ayyid is considered the most revered Shiite cleric in Iraq, comes from an illustrious Shiite family. He studied religious science at Al Kazimiyah University in Baghdad and continued his education in Iran's Holy City of Qom in 1982 under the most important Shiite theologians. He has a degree in Absolute Islamic Theology, which is considered the highest degree at the religious school. 































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