Cartoon shows Mexican President Calderon punching a

narco-trafficker, as Defense Secretary Robert Gates sits

on the Pentagon's bag of money.

[Excelsior, Mexico]



El Heraldo, Honduras

Drug Busts in U.S. Belie the True Danger …


"This is also evidence that the Mexican narco-trafficking cartels have broken through the border and are now handling sales to drug addicts in the U.S. on their own."




Translated By Barbara Howe


October 23, 2009


Honduras - El Heraldo - Original Article (Spanish)

The heavy blow dealt by U.S. authorities to Mexican cartel La Familia and yesterday’s capture in Monterrey of “number two” in Los Zetas, the armed wing of the Golfo Cartel, represent significant successes in the struggle against the narco-trafficking mafia, but they also reveal, again, the severity of the problem.


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder himself, during a press conference at noon yesterday, announced that 303 people with ties to La Familia had been captured in an “unprecedented coordinated United States law enforcement action which is the largest ever undertaken against a Mexican drug cartel. …”


The operation involved more than 3,000 agents from different emergency and security services in 19 states; confiscated were 1,100 pounds of marijuana, 770 pounds of methamphetamines, 138 pounds of cocaine, $3.4 million, 144 weapons of various calibers and 109 automobiles.


As a first act, this satisfies demands from Mexico and other Latin American countries that the United States must do more against narco-trafficking on its own territory, since that nation is not only the largest drug market, but a source for weapons - including military weapons - for the mafias.  



But this is also evidence that the Mexican narco-trafficking cartels have broken through the border and are now handling sales to drug addicts in the U.S. on their own - which could eventually spark a street war if traditional U.S. mafias feel the need to defend their old markets.



[Excelsior, Mexico]


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On the other hand, the capture of Carlos Adrian Martinez Muñiz, aka/“El Borrado” [the Eraser], considered second-in-command of Los Zetas in Nuevo Leon state, could add to the successes of the Felipe Calderon government in its war against “los narcos.” But again, it also makes clear the firepower that the mafias have; security forces also found receipts for the payment of 4,000 assassins.


As for other countries affected by the drug trade, such as Honduras, we hope that U.S. action against La Familia marks the beginning of a push to cut off the supply of weapons and money for drug dealers at the root. Thus courageous actions like those of the Mexican president will be more successful, since the mafias and their henchmen won’t be able to count on the weapons or money to challenge nations and their peoples.
































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